Not Really Alive or Dead (Eternity Girl #1 Comic Review)

Eternity Girl #1

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Art by: Sonny Liew

Cover Art by: Sonny Liew

Variant Cover Art by: Paulina Ganucheau

Sonny Liew impresses with an emotional cover right off the bat.










Who is Eternity Girl?:

Eternity Girl, aka Chrysalis, aka Caroline Sharp, was your average superhero and super spy. Her powers are now unreliable, and she can’t maintain her human form for very long. Caroline now spends most of her days drifting between her depression and existential crises. She’s stuck. Weighed down. There’s nowhere for her to go when she is a constant anomaly in a world full of change.

Well, maybe things can change. Just not for her. Caroline Sharp was part of the Alpha 13 until, well, the incident. Now she finds herself in a form that can shift up to 30 feet outward and literally lose all semblance of its “permanent” former shape. Neither dead nor alive, she simply exists.

Eternity Girl, What Happened:

Young Animals has always been full of emotions and distinct characters that know how to make you root for them. Eternity Girl is no exception. She is literally the only constant in our reality, and we slowly see this as she constantly attempts to find ways around it. Caroline Sharp is emotions. There’s no in between for her. In her state of drifting, we see Caroline in therapy. She’s discussing everything that has happened recently, and her therapist listens raptly. Depression isn’t beautiful. The feeling of being trapped isn’t beautiful. Caroline has lost everything that made her who she is. After the incident, she even lost her right to go to school after a tiny breakdown. Drifting, drifting, drifting.

Paulina Ganucheau’s variant cover shines more light into Eternity Girl.










I went in with a blank slate. I didn’t want any of my past likings for Young Animals or even other heroes to cloud how I felt about this issue. I resonate with Caroline Sharp much more than I thought I would. Magdalene Visaggio captures the essence of being depressed and shows it in a light that is bigger than one person. We see a superhero, a super spy, someone who is always supposed to be perfectly capable struggle to keep moving forward. It’s beautifully written, and there is so much emotion I won’t spoil more. You need to read this. I see clearly why it is rated Mature, and I do not want that to discourage anyone from reading.

Sonny Liew created fantastic art that is every bit as static and changing as Caroline’s emotions. I am in awe of this new mini-series. I see you, Eternity Girl. I’m ready for the next issue.

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Eternity Girl, aka Caroline Sharp is feeling stuck. No matter what she does, nothing about her can change. She can't even hold her human form for very long anymore. Caroline is offered an out to this problem, but will she truly take it?
  • Eternity Girl is well written.
  • Emotions are very clearly shown.
  • Caroline Sharp is a well created heroine.
  • Slow for origin.
Art - 8
Plot - 9
Writing - 8.5
Characters - 9

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