Jaeger Bombastic (Monsters Unleashed #12 Comic Review)

Learning Curve: Part 4

Written by: Justin Jordan

Art by: Alberto Alburquerque

With the help of creature expert Elsa Bloodstone and the crack professionalism of Damage Control, Kei Kawade and his team of beastly creations travel the world protecting the innocent from monstrous threats. No beast can harm the world when Kid Kaiju is on guard with his Monsters Unleashed!

Last Time in Monsters Unleashed: Kei and Mekara went on an out-of-this-world adventure as they were whisked away by Lockjaw and Karnak to fight an infantile alien, Technarch, on the Moon. Through some quick thinking and teamwork the baby alien is put to rest. It’s time for Kei to have some personal time with his last two monster pals – Hi-Vo and Slizzik. The only problem being a slight communication barrier but Kei knows just who to call.

Today’s Mechtastic Issue: Looks like Kei and his pals are taking a much-needed breather in Central Park. They’re not alone though as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have joined in on the fun as well as to help build a communication device for Kei. All seems peaceful (or as peaceful as can be with 3 monsters frolicking about), until a mysterious mechanized warrior appears to take on our gargantuan heroes. It seems a misunderstanding has taken place. The mysterious mech claims to be a hero yet she starts to attack Kei and Moon Girl’s monsters! Through some terrific teamwork and a bit of clarification, things are ended peacefully. Moon Girl and Kei say their goodbyes as our heroes return home to Monster Island. Come back next issue for another fun-filled adventure!

Personal Thoughts and Opinions: There’s really not too much to say about this one. Kei and his team are still a fun group to follow and each of his adventures have been an enjoyable ride. This issue is no different. It was fun having Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur guest star, and honestly who would ever complain about a comic having a giant red T-Rex in it. Our villain this issue is fairly standard fair but the designs of the robots are fun. Sort of a mix between the Transformers and the Jaegar’s from Pacific Rim. As well, the person behind the robots proved to be an interesting twist that I won’t spoil. The artwork is an improvement from last issue. Character designs are interesting and the action is well drawn. Kei’s last two pals to get the spotlight are not too special. Hi-Vo is a cool concept but the writer’s choice of making all his dialogue a run-on sentence is a bit of a pain to read. Slizzik has no real character to speak of but he looks cool so I’ll give it a pass. The premise of the issue is a little cliche, but considering the book itself is basically a Saturday morning cartoon, it’s no real problem. I believe this is the end of the Learning Curve arc so unless I’m mistaken I look forward to seeing what adventure comes next for Kei and the team.

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Jared Wood

Jared Wood

I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.
Another fun and silly read for Kei and the monster squad. The premise is simple and character development is rather weak, but in the end the comic is still a very fun read so I'm glad that it's still going. Hopefully the next arc will produce something a little grander in scale.
  • Good Action
  • Fun guest cameos
  • Good Artwork
  • Slightly cliche premise
  • Hi-Vo's Dialogue
Story - 8
Art - 8.5
Written by
I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.

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