The Dramatic Return of Kamala Khan! (Ms. Marvel #28 Comic Review)

Ms Marvel Teenage Wasteland Part Four of Four

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Nico Leon and Ian Herring

Cover Art by: Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg










Teenage Wasteland Recap:

Kamala Khan left. Vanished. She’s exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Her best friend abandoned her a while back, Carol Danvers is angry with her, and everything else is just too much for her to bear. Especially with everyone seemingly moving on rather quickly with Red Dagger showing up. He’s a new face for them, and a handsome one, so Kamala was pushed to the side. She decides that enough is enough and leaves.

This decision of hers affects everyone negatively, however. Her friends have to take up the mantle of Ms Marvel until she returns, but it is much harder than they initially believed. None of them are exactly super themselves, aka, they don’t have any of her powers. They can keep up the pretenses fine, but without the power, it is difficult to keep the true bad guys under wraps. Speaking of bad guys, incomes the Inventor! He’s the main big bad of the arc, and with him showing up, comes the realization that the friends are in way over their heads.

Mike has something that can change the tides of the fight, but will it work in their favor or cause more problems? Without hesitating (too much) Mike hits Kamala’s badge that calls Captain Marvel!


What Just Happened:

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel has arrived to help the group of Ms Marvels save the day from the dreaded Inventor’s dastardly plans! However, Carol is concerned if they can actually help her. She doesn’t want anyone in her way, and to be fair, with no powers, this is a valid concern to have. The Marvels refuse to listen and say that they are going to do whatever it takes to make it easier for the real Ms. Marvel to return. During the battle, the point of view changes to Naftali finally narrowing down where Kamala is! At last, the real Ms. Marvel has been located!









It turns out that Kamala has been taking a break from everything. She chose a small school where she didn’t have to stand out. She could just be herself in a way that allows her to blend, however, the food was rather lacking. Too much gelatin, and she can’t eat that. Naftali gives her the sandwich (a fresh one, don’t worry) that he has been attempting to give her for 2 issues now. They have a big heart to heart, and Kamala decides that her vacation is over. It’s time for the REAL Ms. Marvel to return. Carol and Kamala share a very sweet hug and they forgive each other for everything that happened.






I was so excited for this issue. I needed closure on the huge fall out between Carol and Kamala, and honestly, this was the best way to do it. The artwork is fantastic. I literally have no complaints about this issue except maybe that it ended. Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel have always been a formidable duo, and their banter will always make my heart smile. G. Willow Wilson, hats off to you, once more my heart is captured by your expressive writing. I am so glad I gave Kamala a chance. She’s worth every bit of the monthly wait.

If you haven’t started Ms. Marvel, why not? Go to your local comic book store or order online! She’s worth every moment.

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The Teenage Wasteland arc comes to a dramatic end! With Kamala's return, can everything finally return to normal?
  • The Marvels can admit when they're in over their heads.
  • Naftali sometimes feels like a forced addition.
Writing - 9
Plot - 9.5
Character Development - 9.5
Art - 9

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