Deep-Seated Mistrust and Jason (Wonder Woman #43 Comic Review)

Amazons Attacked

Written by: James Robinson

Art by: Marco Santucci

Cover Art by: David Yardin

Variant Cover Art by: Jenny Frison









What You Need to Know:

Darkseid has been preparing to take over the world. Well, that’s how it seems. In reality, his plans are much more sinister. He’s after the power of the Amazons because it is closest to what he seeks. He wants to be the one to take them down to see what happens. Grail has been gathering the relics with the Furies. Darkseid took over two of the Amazons and turned them into his furies. Jason disappeared again but now he has returned! This time, he comes back with armor he can’t explain getting however this armor has made him much more powerful.

What Just Happened:

Steve Trevor just threatened Jason. Hardcore threatened like a lover would and it was great to see him get so protective. He calls her his Angel, which is not unusual but Jason takes offense to it. He calls Diana HIS Angel as well, so the two begrudgingly say “Our Angel”. Steve feels it would be wrong to try to say that Jason has no claims to Diana as that is her brother. He lets Jason know exactly where he stands – at the bottom with guns ready to end him. Diana is trying to get the information that the Female Furies hold without resorting to her Lasso of Truth, however, it seems this is just a trap! What’s going to happen? Will they be able to prevail?









James Robinson is one of my favorite writers for Wonder Woman. I always enjoy his runs. The amount of heart he pours into Diana fills me with joy. A powerful and emotional Diana is my favorite kind of Diana. The artwork is perfect for the issue down to the last detail. I have absolutely no real complaints about it. There’s a reason Wonder Woman sits high up on my list of favorite series.

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Steve Trevor lets Jason know how little he is trusted. Diana is attempting to force the information out of the Female Furies. Just what does Darkseid have planned?
  • Steve Trevor is a badass.
  • Seeing Jason get threatened.
  • The slowed down plot.
Writing - 8
Plot - 8
Art - 9
Character Development - 7.5

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