Fuming in the Silence Zone (The Silencer #3 Comic Review)

Code of Honor Pt 3

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Sandra Hope and John Romita Jr.

Cover Art by Hope and Romita Jr.









What You Need to Know:

Honor Guest is a retired assassin and she will do whatever it takes to keep the life she is making for herself safe. Honor refuses to turn back into an assassin for Leviathan, however, it seems like a peaceful life is not in her cards. Talia Al Ghul keeps appearing and telling her that peace isn’t going to happen. They are determined to either reactivate her or kill her. It’s up to Honor Guest to end it once and for all. When Honor Guest uses her powers, she activates something called the Silence zone. This Zone keeps noise from leaking from the zone. You can’t hear anything in it and no one can hear anything outside of it…aka it’s the ideal power for an esteemed assassin such as herself. Honor has had to take down multiple people already in an effort to keep her life quiet but the threat is mounting.. It won’t be long until her family is threatened.

What Just Happened:

Honor Guest just stepped straight up into Remedy’s face telling him to have his men lower their weapons before she strikes. He scoffs and thinks that there is nothing she can do to overwhelm such a large crowd but Honor Guest has a few tricks up her sleeve. She activates the Silence zone and flash grenades. In her anger, that she can’t seem to keep ANYTHING silent anymore about her past, she attacks and attacks hard. She escaped the building only to be warned by Talia that things are looking worse. Honor is beyond pissed. She tells Talia that if she doesn’t end this herself, Honor will step up and everything will end…including Talia’s life!










Honor Guest surprised me. I had no idea how fast I would grow to love her as a character. She is well written, and there is little that will be able to change my mind about her. The artwork still reminds me of the first comics I ever read as a child, so I really love that. I appreciate the grittier art style for a character such as The Silencer. It truly suits a woman who is so tired of doing what everyone else expects including the dirty work she never wanted to do. It really interests me that she can’t escape this life despite the promises that were made. Dan Abnett always impresses me with his writing style, and like I said, I rather enjoy Sandra Hope and John Romita Jr’s art for this series. Bring it on Honor Guest…Let’s see where you go…

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Honor Guest is forced to attack the current Remedy and his men in order to truly show them that she wants nothing to do with the offer they are giving her. However, this may prove to be the wrong decision. Can Honor Guest really survive the world she escaped from long enough to get her peaceful life back?
  • How powerful Honor Guest really is.
  • Her anger is her driving point, and she refuses to bow.
  • It's still unclear who the real villain is, and that is getting slightly annoying to me.
  • Talia Al Ghul.
Art - 8
Writing - 8
Plot - 7
Character Development - 8

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