The Endless Waking Nightmare (Bloodborne #2 Comic Review)

The Death of Sleep #2

Written by: Ales Kot

Art by: Piotr Kowalski

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Transcend the Hunt:

The Hunter’s goal in this terrible nightmare is to transcend it. End it. By whatever means necessary. However, things are never black and white. As the previous issue definitely plays on this. The Hunter rushes forward to take down the formidable rotting foe to save the paleblood child from it and dies. When the Hunter awakes, they are forced to redo everything they had already gone through but with their memories still intact after the incident, the Hunter comes to a terrible conclusion – this isn’t the first cycle they have been trapped in. If they can’t do something different this time, it may not even be the final time they are forced to participate in the ghastly Hunt.

Why is the hunt so evil? Yharnam is cursed by a never ending nightmare of epic proportions. Man turns to beast and foul death reeks throughout the city. Any hunter that participates in the hunt will either die or lose themselves to the blood they use to keep fighting. If the hunter loses themselves to the blood lust, well, they turn into the other beasts that the Hunter we are following slays. The Hunter meets a fellow hunter who wishes to put an end to everything for once and for all, so he shows the Hunter the only way he can think to end it – the paleblood child.

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What Just Happened:

The Hunter runs with the child through a dank and desolate swamp. They are desperate to escape and to transcend the hunt using paleblood at any means necessary but unfortunately, this triggers more memories for the Hunter. They are stricken by the fact that they have memories of more than just the previous cycle of the hunt. They remember a child, maybe not the exact child in their arms, but a child suffering needlessly. They remember dying over and over, only to meet the Doll and come back. The Hunt never ends. The Hunter strikes down a ghastly creature with massive snakes for its head, only to be ambushed by yet another snake creature. When the Hunter almost succumbs to death, they realize that this time it has to be different. There can NOT be any turning back.

Once the Hunter and the child make it to a clinic safely, the Hunter is treated for their wounds where we get the first real glance at their face. We see a very gender neutral face, which I find nice. The Hunter goes to speak to Gehrman about the Hunt but they are immediately hushed and warned that the Presence may hear.

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Kot is a masterful writer who has successfully captured my interest to the point I’ve pre-ordered the tradeback for when it is released just so I can have all of the issues at once. This is only issue #2, but it is done so well that fans of the game will be pleased. The art is amazing and there is so much attention to detail and at the same time it is creepy…Foreboding. Every single thing you would want from a Bloodborne comic. I cannot express how much I think everyone who enjoys Bloodborne should give this a shot. It is THAT good. This comic blows me away every single time I read it. I’ve reread the issue a few times to really get a feel for the undertones, and wow! It is amazing…

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The Hunt continues throughout the nightmare, and the Hunter has decided to break it. They seek shelter in the clinic with the paleblood child only to be sent straight back out after no answers are to be had. Can the Hunter truly succeed? Will the nightmare ever end?
  • The artwork is just breathtaking.
  • The plot is well paced.
  • No character feels out of place.
  • It's only a mini-series.
  • There is too much to learn and not enough answers.
Art - 10
Writing - 9
Plot - 8
Character Development - 9

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