Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion (Black Lightning Ep. 11 TV Review)

Phew Boy!! Are you ready for this?? I hope so!

This episode was probably one of the most racially charged episodes of the season…False arrest, police corruption, racial stereotypes, Oh My!!

We open up to the still shocking reveal that Vice Principal Kara Fowdy is working for the A.S.A. in Gambi’s old position of identifying the children with potential and bringing them in to be studied. Black Lightning and Thunder are the dynamic duo we need! Taking out the bad guys, putting the pieces together to solve the mystery of Green Light and the missing children, and just looking extremely dope in the process! Gambi is still recovering from the beating he received but he is back working with Jefferson trying to find the missing children.

In the meantime the A.S.A.has figured out that Jefferson is Black Lightning and they want to capture him to confirm and take him out. They devise a plan to frame the man…And they use the most cliche’ thing that I can possibly think of which may be the only thing they can do – find some dirty cops, plant drugs on him and frame him as a dealer. The black man whose life is spent mentoring youth,improving education, and bringing kids off the street and back in the classroom…They plant drugs in such a blatant violation of rights that I’ve seen in a comic show. They literally pull up and search his vehicle, they search his office and all before even showing him the warrant first! They arrest in him book him like he’s had a history of dealing drugs but couldn’t nail him before. They pull guns on him as if he’s a violent offender! I admit I was upset watching this as it’s reminiscent of the abuse of rights and loss of rights against our black men and women in recent years at the hands in law enforcement…It was rough to watch.

Jennifer and Anissa made me proud in this moment as they rush to their father’s defense ready to go to war! I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for Jefferson’s calm manner and talking them down, Jennifer would’ve melted them and Anissa would’ve folded the rest in half…Jefferson is taken into the station and basically is treated like a common criminal as they book him, take his picture, search him, make him strip down and thoroughly search him, beat him in the hallway and hold him until the A.S.A. Black Ops team comes to pick him up…His family has to stop that but how without exposing that he’s Black Lightning? Gambi has an idea… The goal is to get the city to see Black Lightning on the street fighting crime and since Jefferson is in jail, they’d have no cause to hang on to the assumption that he is BL because how can he be in two places at one time right? He creates a hologram that looks just like Black Lightning and rigs it to Thunder’s hip on a tactical belt, she walks through the streets of Freeland getting the attention of bystanders who immediately start recording and tweeting that they see her, Gambi has a remote-controlled van that he uses to roll out, he makes the hologram appear and off they go! It literally looks like BL and Thunder is running through the streets chasing a bad guy! He was even able to make it look like BL actually shot lightning from his hands! Even though I still don’t trust Gambi, I think he would make Lucius Fox proud…It was a pretty clever idea.

As Jefferson tries to keep his cool, Detective Henderson has his own hands full as corruption is running deep in his unit and Jefferson’s bogus arrest was the final push he needed to take action. He starts digging into the financials of the 2 officers who led Jefferson’s arrest and easily was able to see they sold out their badges a while ago. He flipped one officer to get to Deputy Chief Cayman- the head of their department and the officer apparently sang like a canary, giving up all the details Henderson would need to take Cayman down. And as a step in the right direction, Henderson was promoted as the new Deputy Chief…

Question we’re left with: Even though Gambi really came through for the Jefferson family, can he be trusted? Why is the A.S.A. so set on the effects of Green Light? I think we all know what Jefferson will do when he finds out that Vice Principal Kara is an agent but will he be merciful…Will he let her go or will she betray the A.S.A. because of her feelings for him? Will Jennifer finally allow Jefferson and Anissa to help her with her powers in order to control them in case her emotions take hold? “Follow the rich white man” (said by Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2)…A fun but the interesting line as it seems to be a tale as old as time and it’s exactly what Henderson did to be able to get leverage on Cayman but as we can all guess, being the good guy has a price…Especially when it comes to rooting out corruption. And unfortunately, he now has a bigger target on his back than Commissioner Gordon – How will he fare? Remember – “You got to give ass to get ass”.

Favorite tracks of this episode: This Land Is Your Land by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings; Waves by St. Paul & The Broken Bones

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.
This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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