Christina Hodson Takes Helm to Write Batgirl Movie.

Two months after Whedon stepped down from directing Batgirl, a new writer took his place. Whedon, the famed Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator, stepped away from Batgirl after claiming he could not come up with any ideas that would do Barbara Gordon justice. Fans speculated that the real issue is his “feminist” viewpoints were fake, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to uphold Batgirl’s morals. Whedon won’t say much about his time on Batgirl aside from his well of ideas ran dry quickly.

The Bat-signal never dims for long. This time, Christina Hodson, a woman writer, is taking the helm. Fans were calling for a woman writer, and Warner Bros. has delivered. Hodson is no stranger to writing for Batgirl, as she helped develop a project based on Birds of Prey, an all female crime fighting team. Not much more is known about that project, so only time will tell. She wrote the script for the upcoming Transformers spin-off movie, Bumblebee.






This will be the first time Barbara Gordon has been on the big live-action screen since the 1997 Batman & Robin movie; the movie itself known for its, ah, ridiculous nature. Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl is the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, and she is well known for her natural talents in martial arts and gymnastics. Her fanbase has put her to the tops of the favorites list second only to Wonder Woman, and her spot is not undeserved. With her incredibly strong sense of justice and morals, Barbara has been a rolemodel for readers for years.

She has played a huge part in the comics herself throughout the years through countless comics as part of the “Bat Family”. Personally, I’m excited to see where Hodson will take the Batgirl movie and what this mysterious Birds of Prey project is.

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