Exhausted by Association (Eternity Girl #2 Comic Review)

Eternity Girl #2

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Cover Art by: Sonny Liew









Eternity Girl:

Caroline Sharp died, and with her death came the death of Chrysalis. Well, she essentially did. What was left behind was Eternity. A being of only waves and raw emotions. Eternity Girl is a powerful young woman who cannot control her powers after a tragic incident. She is neither here nor there, rather she is everywhere. She can stretch herself 30 feet outwardly, and literally lose all sense of self. She simply is. Her depression and existential crises keep her trapped in an endless loop.

While the world continues to change and grow, Caroline Sharp drifts. She is the constant to our reality, and she tries to question this. Caroline seeks therapy to see if she can understand her own emotions.

What Just Happened:

Eternity Girl has come to rely on no one, and one person at the same time. She attempts to keep her distance from others because she has already lost everything, and no one seems to understand that at all. Dani drags her to a comedy show where Caroline sees a routine that maddens her. All at once she’s in the club, but she’s really exploring the cosmos looking for the out she desperate craves from this cycle. She is told that she can break everything. Everything can die, including herself, should she destroy the core of the universe. What will Caroline do? In this issue, we see a lot of disassociation. It’s well written and tragic.

Mags, you just won’t give me back my heart, will you? Eternity Girl was already high on my list of new characters I couldn’t imagine taking off of my pull-list, but this cements her permanently. I love how her emotions are explored and how the consequences are oh so real. Disassociation is a terrifying thing, and you never truly know where it will lead you. Sonny Liew’s art really ties it all together. It’s beautiful and haunting. It’s breathtakingly tragic. Eternity Girl is not a comic you should ignore.

Give Eternity Girl a chance. You won’t regret it.

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Eternity Girl is the only constant in the universe. As everything else changes, she simply is. She cannot maintain one form or another for long. She goes to a comedy club in order to try to relax, but she finds it insulting and instead leaves.
  • Caroline Sharp's emotions.
  • How we see how stretched thin Caroline truly is.
  • Dani.
Writing - 9
Art - 9
Character Development - 8
Plot - 8

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