WHO WAS THE VILLAIN?!! (Jessica Jones Season 2 TV Review)

Jessica Jones Season 2


Krysten Ritter – Jessica Jones

Rachael Taylor – Trish Walker

Eka Darville – Malcom Ducasse

Carrie-Anne Moss – Jeri Hogarth

Janet McTeer – Alisa Jones

Directed By:

Anna Foerster

Minkie Spiro

Mairzee Almas


What you missed:

Major season one spoiler ahead. BEWARE

Season one introduced us to Jessica Jones, Private Investigator. She handles small clients caught cheating, stealing, etc. She also has an on again off again business relationship with Jeri Hogarth and her law firm. The show picks up with the Purple Man using a client to harm people and Jessica realizes she can identify with the young woman. The season concluded with Jessica killing “The Purple Man”. This leads to self-doubt of whether she is a killer or is she able to control herself and be the hero she doesn’t want to be.







Season two picks up a few months after the events of The Defenders. (Although  the battle with Kilgrave is referenced, The Defenders never is.) Jessica has returned to Alias Investigations and drinking heavily when the killing of others with powers is brought to her doorstep.

This time on Jessica Jones:


 So, even though David Tennant is listed in the credits, it isn’t what you’re hoping for. With his demise, the best part of Jessica Jones Season one will not be there to help carry season two.

Jessica still carries the show, Jerri, Trish, and Malcolm are all along for the ride. Even Will Simpson make a short appearance. The two most notable absences are Killgrave and Luke Cage. They have been replaced by a handful of characters who by no means, have the chops or are near as interesting as the missing Duo.

The main plot: Jessica must dig deeper into her past after finding there are others like her that were experimented on by IGH. They are now being hunted and killed by someone. During this time, Jessica is now dealing with PTSD and the lingering effects of Kilgrave AKA “The Purple Man”.

The Good: The main plot of the movie is a compelling story that reveals a great twist that helps explain a lot about Jessica and her life as a teenager and young woman. Ritter does a fine job again as Jones. She pulls off the alcoholic, uncaring, confused character to a tee. The too short appearance made by David Tennant is the best part of this show. The banter between him and Ritter reminds you of what made season one so great.

The Bad: There were way too many plot lines. I am quite certain this could have been 8-10 episodes instead of the 13 we received. It would have been just fine, and it could have helped with making it a more coherent story. There is so much happening to different characters, it is difficult to keep up with all of them. I find it difficult to explain this without major spoilers. Keeping it with minimal spoilers, let’s just say the entire Jeri Hogarth plot could have been its own movie. The new man down the hall, not relevant. Trish’s new boyfriend was a waste and the competing investigator… what the heck was that about?  There could have been a little more action. Now, let’s get to my biggest issue!

Let’s discuss Trish Walker. The excitement that was built up that we were going to get Hellcat somewhere down the line was a fanboy fantasy come true. (Don’t worry, still happening.) They did their best to make you dislike her from the beginning of Season two till the end. By the time the show ended, I didn’t care if she ever made another appearance.


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 When you finally discover the supposed villain in the show, you're not sure if they are a villain or a byproduct of experimentation gone wrong. You're also not sure if you are supposed to feel sorry for them. Who is to blame for their dilemma? Who is ultimately responsible for what is happening?
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