Wait, What? First Kiss? (Ms. Marvel #29 Comic Review)

Ms. Marvel: Something New Pt 1

Story: G. Willow Wilson

Art: Nico Leon

Color: Ian Herring

Lettering: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover: Valerio Schiti, Rachelle Rosenberg











Catching Up:

Kamala left after having a breakdown. She felt like she wasn’t needed. Everyone had seemingly become enamored with Red Dagger, which made Kamala feel like less than a person anymore. Kamala was at the ends of her rope already and this was the last push. She left to figure herself out again and that meant that New Jersey was left without a hero. Her friends, coupled with Red Dagger, took over her duties. We have Ms. Marvel(s)! After a fruitful character development arc, the friends become closer than ever while trying to keep the city safe so that one day the real Ms. Marvel would feel safe to come back. Mike saves the day when they face off against The Inventor by calling CAPTAIN MARVEL! That’s right, Carol Danvers herself shows up to help save the city. Kamala returns shortly after while the fight is still raging and she shares a beautiful reunion with Carol.

What Just Happened:

Kamala is an aunt at last! She is filled with so much love that it hurts and she has to show it. She excitedly makes it through the city and waves to everyone she sees. The whole city is excited to see her and she is every bit as excited to see them. Red Dagger shows up. They have a short talk that leads to, could it be, Kamala’s FIRST KISS?? If you don’t know, her first kiss is a huge deal to her. Especially since she didn’t expect it to happen at all. In the afterglow of the first kiss, Bruno returns. He’s less than enthused to see his childhood best friend and his first love kissing another person. Can their friendship ever be fixed?

Not all is right, however. There’s a new danger looming in the wake of her happiness… Who is this mysterious new girl? What about her keeps everyone on edge?












I love how this issue was written. You can see every moment of joy for Kamala in seeing her new nephew. Her happiness radiates and everyone around her picks up on it. I love it. She needed something good to happen after how emotionally draining the last several arcs have been for her. The first kiss! Wow! I cannot say I expected that to happen. Especially with WHO kissed her. Wow! I really love this series. G Willow Wilson always captures my interest and my heart anew with each issue. Her excellent writing paired up with Nico Leon’s gorgeous artwork make for an extremely strong series. If you aren’t reading Ms. Marvel STILL, my question is, why not? Pick her up! She’s worth it.

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Kamala Khan is officially back, and she sees countless reasons to be filled with joy. Her friends are excited to have her back, she's a new aunt, and what's this, a first kiss? What will this arc bring?
  • Ms Marvel is back in full swing.
  • I love seeing her happy.
  • BRUNO!!!
  • Mike crying.
  • How upset both parties are.
Writing - 9
Art - 9
Plot - 8
Character Development - 9

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