HBO Watchmen Series Will Not Be Direct Adaption

Fans hold their expectations high for adaptions, and few producers seem to truly get it, however fans are hoping that Damon Lindelof will. Lindelof is the co-creator of Lost and The Leftovers, and his next challenge will be the adaption of the 1986 comic Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. A mere seven months after the cable network ordered the pilot, Lindelof has said to expect that it will not be, strictly speaking, an adaption.

“[Adapting] may be the right word, at the end of the day,” Lindelof said on the Bookish with Sonya Walger podcast. “Do you watch Fargo at all? I wouldn’t call Noah Hawley’s version of Fargo an adaptation, because the movie exists inside of his world, and so everything that happened in the movie Fargo, it does precede the television show Fargo. So they find a bag of money in the first season, and you go, ‘Oh, that came from the movie.’ But it’s also, Noah is pulling from other areas of the Coen brothers’ canon, so it evokes like Lebowski, but it’s also his own thing.”







If fans were to draw a parallel to Hawley’s acclaimed FX anthology series, it may indicate that any expectations should be set aside for the storyline of Watchmen as it plays out. Even if fans were to go in as a blank slate, it’s hard to not think of it as a “follow-up” series. After all, it is Watchmen. Does this take place after the comic? One significant implication is that the Watchmen characters may not even be central to the show. Fans are speculating that it will either blow them away or blow up. Either way, it seems we have to wait before harshly judging.

“I think it’s widely known that Alan Moore does not want Watchmen to be adapted,” Lindelof acknowledged, “so I’m playing a bit of a game of semantics here in saying, ‘I’m not adapting Watchmen!'”

Alan Moore may not be completely for the idea of a direct adaption, but it would still be interesting to see it play out. Fans were holding out hopes that that was what we were to expect. Hopefully this won’t disappoint us, however. It still looks like it will be a fantastic series. Let us know what you think!

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