Another Face From The Past (Silencer #4 Comic Review)

Art by: Viktor Bogdanovic
Cover by: Sandra Hope, John Romita, Jr.
Written by: Dan Abnett
Story So Far:
Honor Guest can’t catch a break. After many years out of Leviathan, she thought she was finally free from her past. No more assassinating, no more death, no more violence. She has a husband and a son, and that’s all Honor needs. Unfortunately for her, war doesn’t wait. She is dragged straight back into the hell she ran from. In order to protect the life she has now, Honor Guest takes the guise of The Silencer once more. We see a Remedy die at her hands, and this is just the beginning. Honor won’t stop until she’s free, and that’s not her problem. It’s the enemy’s.
What Just Happened:
We see a touching moment with Honor Guest and her husband just talking after she completely wrecks a washer with a hammer. Of course, the poor washer didn’t see Honor’s temper coming. Honor is frustrated with everything she has been forced straight back into. She doesn’t want this life of violence anymore, but it seems someone isn’t giving her much of a choice. A flashback sequence starts, and we get to see The Silencer’s final gig. She’s been ordered to kill someone special to Leviathan this time, and she can’t exactly say no. The reward for finishing this job is everything she ever wanted. Freedom. A life.
The Silencer faces off against Deathstroke, a formidable foe, and she learns that her actions can and will start a war. Of course, she doesn’t listen since she has already taken out her target. Just what did Deathstroke mean? Why is he back?
This issue was one heck of a ride. We get a sweet moment with Honor, then non-stop emotion and action. It’s wonderfully written. The artwork is improving more and more every issue as they settle into the perfect rhythm for Honor Guest. Dan Abnett has my heart when it comes down to Silencer, so let’s see where this goes. If you haven’t been reading her, go get yourself a copy of issue #1! Honor Guest is WORTH it.

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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Honor is prepping for war. She has to stop this the only way she knows how, violence. She will stop at nothing to protect her husband and son. Why is Deathstroke back? Just why did Talia have her go on that final mission 5 years ago?
  • Seeing this more vulnerable side of Honor Guest was eye-opening.
  • Silencer beating up Deathstroke!
  • You can't tell who's lying and who's telling the truth.
  • The old neighbor woman insulting Honor.
Plot - 9
Story - 8
Character Development - 9
Art - 7

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