“No Escape” Mister Miracle #8 Comic Review

Mister Miracle #8

Writer: Tom King

Pencils, Inks, Colors, Variant Cover: Mitch Gerads

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Nick Derington










The war continues on back at Apokolips and Scott Free and Big Barda must go back. But this time they won’t be together fighting side by side as one must stay back to take care of THE LUMP. With them being separated in the war for the first time, Mister Miracle fights on in every bloody battle to get back home. But can Mister Miracle keep fighting or will his mind finally shatter?

What you need to know:

As a new father, one of the best things is being able to stay home and take care of the baby. You get to watch them grow, learn to be curious of the world, and see how quickly they learn. However, on that same coin, is the worst part of parenthood. Having to return to work means you have to leave the child behind. You feel like you’re missing out on huge first moments of the child’s life. In issue #8, we see Scott Free being welcomed to this new world of parenthood. One that he is happy to be in, but sadly, all bubbles burst. He has to go back to work. Keeping his son Jacob in mind, he’s able to fight on Darkseid’s army. Those little moments he gets with his son, where he plays and and talks to him, learns the little things like how babies need tummy time, is something that he learned so quickly. He cherishes those moments. These moments are things that artist Mitch Gerads would know well.

What you’ll find out:

Big Barda and Mister Miracle fight two wars at two different fronts. This time, it seems they will not escape. Trying to balance home life with work life, and also being the new High-Father, Mister Miracle is not able to see clearly how to end the war against the minions of Darkseid. All Scott Free knows is that he must survive so that he can make it home to his son. As time continues to pass, and the war never lets up, Jacob grows. Scott Free and Big Barda keep missing out on these precious moments because they must cover each other’s positions in the war. Being a parent is not an easy task; you’ll see first hand with Mister Miracle and Big Barda as they try to become good parents.

What just happened?

As the new High-Father and new father himself, Scott Free is doing his best to balance his new life. But as war rages on, will it be too much for Mister Miracle or can he juggle everything at one? With blood rushing down his face and knuckles, Mister Miracle sings a lullaby to calm himself down. Come to find out in the amazing Minster Miracle #8!


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Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right
Only four more issue are left for DC comics hit series! Tom King and Mitch Gerads work of art has truly come out of nowhere and hit it right out of the park. The sad thing about all this is that it’s only 12 issues long, but I guess most great things must come to an end sooner or later. It’ll only keep getter better from here. Also Scott Free’s shirts are amazing, keep your eyes peeled on seeing his amazing shirts.  
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Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right

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