Brutality Cometh ( X-Force: Sex & Violence Back Issue Review)

User Rating: 9.6
X-Force Sex & Violence #1-3
Art by: Gabriele Dell’Otto
Cover by: Gabriele Dell’Otto

Written by: Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost




In 2010 Marvel unleashed one of their most brutal, bloody, sexual stories ever. Marvel took us to a place we had yet to experience in a Marvel comic. X-Force rivaled anything the Punisher had done in the past and surpassed it. This was the coming of the new, less friendly X-Force. It was “Sex & Violence”!

Book One


What you need to know

Domino Sex&Violence #1

Domino finds herself in big trouble. She has taken a job that has gone sideways and her partner has called in Wolverine for help. Of course Logan is not happy and wants answers but Domino is not ready to give them. After a visit from a new X-Force member, all hell breaks loose as the “bad guys” show up looking for what Domino has absconded. Be prepared for the brutality of the first of several blood baths that are in this story.


What we learn:

Domino does have a conscience. She makes a decision that could get her killed in order to help others. We get to see the Wolverine everyone has wanted – brutal and unforgiving..quick witted and funny. We also find that although he acts like he could care less about Domino, he does have feelings for her. Enough to risk his life to help her.

 Book Two

What you need to know:

Wolverine still does not have the entire story as Domino has been holding out on him. There are now two groups hunting the unlikely pair. Between the fighting and the killing and the back and forth banter between the two, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Sex & Violence #2


What we learn:

Sex and Violence

Book Two opens with the appearance of our first big baddie. The blood flies and limbs soar. After the battle is complete, Wolverine and Domino retreat to a quiet place for some one on one time. As they are preparing for round two, it hits the fan again. It seems six more big baddies have been brought in to deal with the problem. Bushwacker has tracked our heroes down. After our half dressed heroes stave off another brutal attack, they decide to take the fight to the Assassins Guild!


Book three

What you need to know:

Wolverine has a plan. A good plan? Domino does not think so. Logan has decided it is time to take the fight straight to the Guilds front door. He tries to reason with Bella Donna to no avail. To complicate matters, the other 5 world class killers are also on hand. It is time for a fight to the finish.

Sex & Violence #3


What we learn:

Sex & Violence Razorfist

The Hand has followed our heroes without their knowledge and want what was theirs. The final and most blood soaked battle that has ever been in comics commences. And we find that Wolverine had his own little secret. With the arrival of some old friends, the battle can only end with one outcome.



In Summary:

This story moves at a breakneck pace. Kyle and Yost take for granted that the reader already knows these characters and wastes no time with character development. It is a direct assault on the senses. The dialog is easy to read, and keeps you glued to each and every page. I couldn’t get enough of the back and forth banter between our two heroes. There were no punches pulled in the fight scenes.  Dell’Otto as usual has created visually stunning art work. Domino is tough and sexy. Logan is at his best in the grey and black. The blood flowed freely and the panels moved flawlessly from one to the next. You never feel like you are missing something. If I could choose one story to be made into a movie – This would be it.



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  1. Spot on review and I totally agree that it would make an awesome movie (or video game!)
    Probably one of my favorite Wolverine stories out there since he teamed up with Havok in Meltdown.

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