Hulk take the Wheel (Incredible Hulk # 715 Comic Review)

World War Hulk II: Part 2

Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Carlo Barberi

After taking on the mantle from Bruce Banner, Amadeus Cho is both the smartest and strongest one there is when he transforms into the Incredible Hulk!

The Story so Far: Hulk is back on good old Terra Firma. No more crazy warlords, deadly aliens or gauntlet’s to fight through. Sadly Hulk isn’t given much time to rest as the alien criminal Prince Phalkan has escaped from jail. Hulk manages to take down the criminal quickly but not without enacting some out-of-character punishments on his captive. Something is definitely wrong with our big green hero. What’s going on inside of Hulk’s head? Keep reading to find out!

Today’s Car-Crashing Issue: Hulk has Prince Phalkan on the ropes, but something is off with the big green. Hulk’s friends and sister jump into action to try and calm him down and see what’s going on. Little do they know that their friend Amadeus is no longer in the driver’s seat. As Hulk threatens to take down Phalkan for good, a daring struggle is going on in the Hulk’s head. Who will come out on top and who will be in the line of fire when the victor emerges? Pick up the issue to find out!

Personal Thoughts and Opinions: This issue was less action-packed then previous ones, but even with that I really enjoyed seeing the inner struggle going on in Hulk’s head between Amadeus and the Hulk persona. Since this is a World War Hulk sequel, I appreciate that this is setting up the obvious friend vs friend conflict in a new way. Instead of it being just an angry Hulk looking for revenge, we have an internal conflict leading to collateral damage on the outside. The art continues to be quite good, with action scenes and character emotions displayed quite well. One element I really like is that when Amadeus is in control, Hulk’s eyes are fully drawn but when the Hulk persona is driving, his eyes are reduced to little pinpricks of light poking out from the shadows. It’s a nice touch.

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Jared Wood

Jared Wood

I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.
As a sequel to World War Hulk this is shaping up to be an interesting story. Things don't seem to be having as major an impact on the greater Marvel universe as the last WWH, but with the set-up for the conflict being established I'm still looking forward to seeing where things lead. Greg Pak continues to prove that he knows how to handle the Hulk.
  • Interesting conflict
  • Unique set-up to WWH story
  • Clever visual cues
  • Hulk still lacks sense of threat
  • Stakes don't seem as high
Story - 8
Art - 7.5
Written by
I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.

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