DC Nation #0 (Comic Book Review)

User Rating: 8.5

Written by: Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson

Art by: Clay Mann, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jorge Jimenez,

Cover by: Jorge Jimenez

Variant Covers by: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Clay Mann

Colors by: Jordie Bellaire, Alex Sinclair, Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by: Clayton Cowles, Josh Reed, Andworld Design

DC Nation lays out an ambitious series of stories for the future of the DC line.

What Just Happened: 

  1. Your Big Day

Batman’s big day might be coming up, but it’s the worst day of Roger Martello’s life when the Joker shows up at his door. The Joker enters Roger’s house and declares that since Batman is getting married, he knows that Batman will want to share the day with him. The Joker forces Roger to sit with him at the front door waiting while he waits for his wedding invitation in the mail. When Roger questions why an invitation would be sent to his home Joker replies, “He has to send it somewhere. And sometime. This is somewhere. This is sometime.” Roger tries to appeal to Joker by telling him details about his young daughter and begging for his life, but Joker assures Roger that he kills people when he’s upset. When the mail finally does come, the story closes with the answer to the question: Does Joker kill people when he’s not upset?

 Man of Steel Prequel

The story opens with Perry White making a booming speech to the staff of The Daily Planet about how he will no longer accept stories that talk about the nefarious things Superman could do and generally spread unease about the Man of Steel. He says that The Daily Planet will maintain journalistic integrity and report on what Superman does do, but says,“I’m done selling fear.” Clark enters and gives a brief report on Superman and quietly goes to his desk. Perry makes a public spectacle about the fact that Lois Lane has quit the paper and mysteriously disappeared to write a book. And in Lois’s absence, he introduces her “replacement” Robinson Goode. Pleasantries are exchanged, but Clark cuts it short. Perry then tries to offer a visiblly-depressed Clark Lois’s former office he morosely refuses. Later, Robinson meets a mysterious stranger at a bar and she may not be what we think she is.

No Justice Prelude

The Justice League is spread thin. Very thin. The League has already broken into their announced teams: Entropy, Mystery, Wonder, and Wisdom. The teams are seen locked in separate, but equally ferocious battles on the planet Colu, far from Earth. Back on Earth, there is a surprising conversation with Earth’s remaining defenders: Green Arrow and Supergirl. Kara express her faith in the Justice League to save Colu, but Oliver is much more cautious and urges Kara to stay put rather than leave the planet. Not listening, Kara flies out into the atmosphere to seemingly join the fight, but ends up staring down a much larger threat that the Justice League seems not to have detained.

My Thoughts:

  1. Your Big Day

Holy. Crap. Clay Mann delivers one frightening visual in the story. Every expression of the Joker, no matter how small, is absolutely unnerving. King delivers a truly detached and psychotic Joker. I’m not usually a fan of this representation, but I will eat my words because the two of them legitimately teamed up to creep us out and, boy howdy, that’s exactly what they do.

2. Man of Steel Prequel

You’ll have to excuse my skepticism about this one. Bendis is really hit or miss for me, but I thought Perry was done really well. He’s tough, respects the Man of Steel, but maintains journalistic integrity and professionalism. I do not like the idea of Lois just running off and quitting the Planet. I know it will be revealed later, but I hate the idea that we have to remove one female character to introduce another. Again, Bendis is hit or miss for me, but I’m sticking on to see where this goes. JLGL is absolutely perfect and I am physically incapable of disliking anything he does.

3. No Justice Prelude

This is really just a brief introduction to what the teams are and who is on them. They really pack in the action and give us a look at how well the teams work together.

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A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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DC Nation #0 is a little gem and for 25 cents (or free on Comixology) you have really no reason to not give it a shot. It’s an ambitious layout for the future of the DC line and it pulls it off really well.
  • King and Mann gives us one hell of a Joker story
  • JLGL is perfect
  • Bendis touches on long-ignored characters like Jimmy and Perry
  • No Justice Prelude packs A LOT of action into a few panels and leaves me wanting more.
  • Lois just disappeared? Boo.
  • Not much exposition given in NJP
Art - 9
Writing - 8.5
Plot - 8.5
Character Development - 8
Written by
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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  1. I actually really adored this particular Joker story ! I’m not big on the Joker look we’ve gotten ever since New 52; first with the slashed off face and then the shaved sides in Endgame; it’s all a little try-hard for me. But Clay Mann’s art here wins me over. More than anything else, though, is Joker’s humor here. Two words: DAD JOKES. I absolutely LIVE for dad jokes-Joker. I’m so thrilled to see some humor getting injected back into this character, and toning down the edgelord-y cliche horror character.

    I was wondering if I was missing something, when I read the Superman story, when they mentioned Lois was gone. Realistically, I guess this reveal is meant to tease us, and bring us back for Man of Steel issue #1, and I’m certainly curious, but more than anything, I was puzzled. I’m still very eager to see what Bendis has to bring to this character.

    JLNJ didn’t give a lot of content, I’ll agree with you. But I’m looking forward to seeing some of the team dynamics at play, and if nothing else, I was super stoked with how colorful these pages are. I’m not much for these team book crossover event dealios, but I’m definitely willing to at least pick up the first issue of JLNJ.

  2. Unnerving is right about King and Mann’s Joker, Mary. Bendis isn’t giving much incentive to pick up his Superman. I’m glad you think more positively about the JL story than I do. It was almost enough to make me drop any of the JL books already.


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