The Cheetah Is Out Of The Bag. (Wonder Woman #46 Comic Book Review)

Writer: James Robinson

Artists: Stephen Segovia

Cover Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino and Romulo Fajardo JR

Variant Cover: Jenny Frison

Colors: Romulo Fajardo JR.

Letters: Saida Temoponte

In Dark Gods: Part One Cheetah is has escaped and is on the hunt for Veronica Cale.

PREVIOUSLY: During the events of Wonder Woman #17, Barbara Minerva surrenders herself to Veronica Cale to save the lives Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, and Ferdinand. Barbara then agrees to become Cheetah again.

WHAT HAPPENED: In wake of the events during The Truth arc, Adrianna, Doctor Cyber, disables multiple firewalls to deliver the news to Veronica Cale that Cheetah has escaped. Cale then agrees that the hunt for CHeetah must begin. We move to the sub-basement of Empire Industries where we witness Cheetah’s invasion. While slaughtering her way through scientists and security she heralds the coming of the “Dark Gods.” Cheetah then corners Cale and threatens her life. Their interaction is interrupted by Wonder Woman,  she and Cheetah exchange blows while Cheetah rambles nonsensically. Something blinds Wonder Woman giving Cheetah the half second she needs to slip away.

The events then shift to Jason as he breaks into the Kobra research facility.

After this interlude we see Wonder Woman attempting to chase after Cheetah but Wonder Woman is attacked by the person you least expected.

WHAT MARY HAS TO SAY: I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Robinson’s Jason arc, so I think it’s great to see the book to return to a focus on Diana, especially with the return of fan-favorite villains like Cheetah and Veronica Cale. I do feel that Diana’s dialogue is kind of canned, there is little to no nuance in her speech. I guess it feels a little too SIlver Age-y and that’s not always a good thing. I’m interested to see how this builds off of Rucka’s run.

While I have misgivings about the script, the art is worth the price of the book. Stephen Segovia’s art pairs absolutely beautifully with Diana. His art really captures Veronica Cale’s trademark icy stare and Cheetah’s ferocity. 

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Mary Swangin

Mary Swangin

Senior Editor
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.
I’m still not a huge fan of Robinson’s Wonder Woman or this whole Jason thing, but this issue does give me a little hope. Bringing back fan-favorite villains like Cale and Cheetah really makes this issue feel like Wonder Woman’s book again. As usual, any misgivings I have about Robinson’s script are made up for with absolutely stellar art.
  • Veronica Cale is back. I adore Veronica.
  • Cheetah is back and I could not be more excited.
  • Jason is still a thing. I’m more interested in Veronica and Cheetah than I am in Jason finding his dad.
  • Veronica feels a bit out of character at times.
  • "Not even Cale." That's not something DIana would say.
Art - 9.5
Writing - 5
Plot - 7
Written by
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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