The Natural Order: Eternity Girl #3 Comic Review

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Art by: Sonny Liew

Cover Art by: Sonny Liew











What You Missed:

Eternity Girl is stuck in a loop on repeat along with the rest of existence. The cycle continues to enable life to repeatedly try its hand at existence. Caroline is no exception despite literally dying. She cannot truly die, and her powers are far vaster than they used to be. Her body can maintain a human form for a while, but it is exhausting. She gives up on her efforts of hiding multiple times to just simply be. Caroline attempts suicide countless times. She keeps seeing if maybe just somehow it can end. She’s depressed, lost, and stuck. What does that have to do with the universe, however? The short answer: everything. Someone with Caroline’s incredible powers has everything to do with the universe.

What Just Happened:

In the previous issue, we find out that Caroline is the only one who can possibly end the cycle of life. She cannot be seen by cosmic forces, and she ends up snapping to take out one of the guardians of the Tower. While her journey is happening, we see her talking to her therapist and attempting friendship multiple times. In this issue, we see her walking with Madame Atom. Someone she has killed, and someone who has killed her. While they travel to the Shining Tower that sits in the crossroads of nothingness and existence, Caroline discovers something that could prove devastating. Her powers are far more powerful than she had known. She controls every atom of her being in her mind. She IS fission.











I have said this multiple times, and I promise I will say them many more times. Eternity Girl is a fantastic example of how to write a depressed character realistically while showcasing the unintentional effects of choices. Mags, you did it yet again. Three issues in a row I have fallen hard for my newest love Caroline Sharp. The writing is relatable, and every issue has more depth than the last. Sonny Liew brings her to life in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible. I love that the art is abstract. It really adds onto the progression of her mind and the story itself due to the abstract nature of emotions.

If you aren’t reading Eternity Girl, pick her up. She’s really worth the shot.














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Eternity Girl longs to sever her tie with Eternity. While this is her journey to see if this is possible, she discovers that she alone is invisible on a cosmic scale when it comes down to life. Her death itself was overwritten. What does this mean for the rest of existence?
  • The emotional range of Eternity Girl is always wonderful.
  • I love how we are slowly seeing the brutal reality of the situation.
Story - 9
Plot - 8
Art - 9
Character Development - 7

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