Supergirl Returns *NEWS FLASH*

As reported in an exclusive interview with Marc Andreyko from SYFY WIRE, Supergirl is returning in August!

Andreyko will write it and will be accompanied by artist Kevin Maguire. The two are revamping the titles and taking Kara on a new cosmic adventure, complete with a new costume.

After the battle with Rogol Zaar in Bendis and Lee’s story in Action Comics #1000, Kara will go on a quest to learn more about the destructive villain, who claims to have been responsible for the destruction of Krypton. This new arc will connect to the storyline in Brian Michael Bendis’ coming series Man of Steel.

Cover of Supergirl #21 by Terry Dodson

New costume design by Jorge Jimenez

Look for Supergirl #21  in solicitations for August and be sure to pre-order to support the return of The Girl of Steel!

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