“We are Flash” (The Flash S4E23 TV Review)


Grant Gustin: The Flash

Candice Patton: Iris West-Allen

Danielle Panabaker: Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost

Carlos Valdes: Cisco Ramon/Vibe

Jesse L. Martin: Joe West


Group Photo

Cast of The Flash


Last we saw The Flash:

Barry (The Flash) was still reeling from the loss of Ralph. Caitlin was trying to find a way to bring Killer Frost back, Cisco wanted a more defined relationship with Gypsy. Harry was dealing with the fact his mind was deteriorating because of the Dark Matter. Marlize had left Devoe and The Thinker was setting “The Enlightenment” into motion.


Title The Flash

The Flash


This Past Episode:

You always expect big things from a Season finale, and “The Flash” did not disappoint. The Enlightenment as begun. Devoe has his satellites in place and Central Cities electronics are down. An ally you wouldn’t expect is now in the mix and Barry has entered the The Thinkers mind in hopes of finding good that is still there. Cecile has begun going into labor but is the key to getting Barry into Devoe’s mind. While there, Barry finds Ralph alive and together they have to fight their way out in a Matrix style fight scene. You will understand the reference when you see it. And just when you think it is all finished. One of the satellites is falling directly into Central City. Just as Barry is about to try and destroy the satellite, he gets a little help from an unknown ally that you can only see their fist.


Devoe with head gear

The Thinker


Final Summary:

This was a really good episode. Not all the issues that Team Flash faced were closed up. The Thinker was stopped, Elongated Man was saved, Harry’s condition wasn’t cured, but it was addressed satisfactory. Joe and Cecile became parents. And we finally got to see who the young girl who kept showing up really is. Now, what we didn’t get was, where is Killer Frost, and did Cecile lose her powers after the baby was born.


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I liked that this season of The Flash did not have a speedster as the "Big Bad". It was refreshing to see more time spent on having to out think the Villain then having to out run them. The development of The Thinker was handled well as was The Mechanic. Ralph Dibney being added was also a nice touch. At times the bickering got a little old but was understandable in the relationship of the characters. I do believe the creators need to get back to developing more of the Barry and Iris story. She has begun to become a bit stale. But over all, this episode and this season were both handle very well and was enjoyable to watch again.
  • Action Scenes
  • Finding Ralph
  • Identifying young woman from past episodes
  • Not completeing the Killer Frost story line
  • Not revealing if Cecile still had her powers
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Comic collector, Movie aficionado, Photographer, Guitar player, Oakland Raider fan, Texas Longhorn fanatic, Autograph collector, and English Bulldog owner!

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