Kaleera’s Pride (Battlecats #2 Comic Review)

Battlecats: The Hunt for the Dire Beast Part 2

Written by: Mark London

Penciller and Inker: Andy King

Colorist: Alejandro Giraldo










Who Are the Battlecats:

The Battlecats are an elite team of warriors sworn to protect Valderia, and they are led by Kelthan of Stormholt. Their existence is protect Valderia against evil forces that threaten its livelihood and traditions. King Eramad III ordered the Battlecats to leave Stormholt to take down the legendary Dire Beast in the haunted region of La Marque. Familiar foes pop up to the team’s surprise. The five of them show their stuff quickly with Kaleera using her senses to gauge their bearings, Mekkar being a smartass Bard type character, Vaela providing quiet support, and Zorien, the silent warrior, wait to see what happens. They face off against an enemy that upon sight of, Kaleera loses herself in her instinct to battle. What awaits the heroes of this original medieval fantasy? Interested in finding out more of the world surrounding the Battlecats? Check it out here!

What Just Happened:

Kaleera rushes into battle against Eltoreq without hesitation. She should have the upperhand with the moon enhancing her abilities, unfortunately for her, Eltoreq is also enhanced by the red moon. Far more than normal means, in fact, and she is defeated. She falls to the ground blood soaked and limply, only to be picked up by Kelthan. Eltoreq leaves with an ominous promise for more battle later. Vaela manages to save Kaleera, and then the five regain their bearings and continue with their original mission. The fog they’re in, however, clouds all of Kaleera’s senses, so she cannot navigate them through it easily. Another beautiful battle scene ensues in the issue.














Alright, Mad Cave Studios, you got me. It’s only issue 2, and I’m emotional over these characters. I was so concerned for Kaleera that I actually gasped aloud. The artwork is stunning, and Mark London writes beautifully. There hasn’t been an unneeded line yet, and everything only adds onto the gravity of the situation that our heroes face. What a promising start to my next obsession. I’m excited to continue reading. This series has my attention, and it should have yours too. Battlecats is not something to forget about. You should try it!

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Kaleera faces off against an unexpected foe of the past! Eltoreq is powered by the red moon, and the battle is fierce between the two warriors. Our five heroes continue their journey after an ominous promise from Eltoreq. Just what is waiting for them in this region of La Marque? Why is the ground continuously shifting?
  • The fight scenes are simply beautifully drawn.
  • The lore is already building up.
  • I was sad to see such a short battle between Kaleera and Eltoreq.
Plot - 8
Story - 8
Artwork - 9
Character Development - 7
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 8

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