The Thief’s Honor (The Silencer #5 Comic Review)

The Silencer: PAYBACK TIME Part 2
Art by: Viktor Bogdanovic
Cover by: Sandra Hope, John Romita, Jr.
Written by: Dan Abnett
Keeping Up With Honor:
Honor Guest, aka The Silencer, got out of the Assassin business 5 years ago after completing one final job for Talia al Ghul. The true history of Honor had been kept hidden under lock and key for the 5 years until now. No one escapes the underground, and everyone knows it. There is no freedom from being a Leviathan pawn. Only servitude or death. This hadn’t deterred her from jumping onto this opportunity with everything she had. All she had to do in order to be free is kill someone within the realm of the underbelly. Not a big deal for an assassin, right? Well, that would be true if the person she had to kill wasn’t Guile, a fellow Leviathan boss. What is Talia up to? Can Honor trust anyone aside from her family and herself?
What Just Happened:
Deathstroke and Honor face off once more! Deathstroke has Honor right where he wants her. Handcuffed and at gunpoint “willing” to talk. He questions her motives once more. He keeps repeating that she started this damn war, and it was her job to end it. Honor is sick of this garbage, she just wants to go home and ignore everything else around her. She’s DONE with this business, so why is she being dragged back in? After a nice battle scene, we find out that Talia, much as we suspected, to begin with, can’t be trusted! Oh boy! It’s almost like we’ve seen this side of her before. (Cough, Supersons, cough) Honor leaves Deathstroke to go home with a lot on her mind. Can she still trust Talia? Has she really been betrayed?  We have what should be a very touching day between Honor and Jellybean end off the issue with a rather unfortunate twist for Honor.
This series has been a rollercoaster, but that is to be expected from our newest deadliest assassin. She was out of the business, and now she’s right back in where she clawed herself out from. Of course, she’s pissed. I have to say, this artwork is absolutely beautiful. The linework is clean. The emotions are palpable, and the characters are all incredibly detailed. I’m loving it. The storyline has my attention, as it always does, and Honor Guest is lacking absolutely nothing except maybe more issues. That small problem I have, however, will be one that solves itself as more is released. I’m so curious to see what Honor will do now that she knows the truth behind Talia’s actions.

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With Honor Guest finding out that she can trust no one, what will she do? The very person she trusted to get her out of the assassination world may have been the one to sell her straight back into it. Deathstroke promises her this: next time they meet, talking is off the table. This series is well-written and paced. I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
  • The artwork is fantastic.
  • We have a very solid turn for Honor's actions.
  • Talia al Ghul. She's my bane.
Plot - 8
Character Development - 8
Artwork - 9
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 7

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