What I Needed (Ms Marvel #30 Comic Review)

Ms. Marvel “Something New” Pt 2

Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Penciler: Nico Leon

Art: Nico Leon

Cover Artist: Valerio Schiti













Keeping Up With Kamala Khan:

Kamala left everyone behind when she decided enough was enough. She knew she wasn’t needed anymore. There was a new hero in town, and everyone preferred his rugged charm over her. She was already grieving the loss of her friendship with Bruno, and this was the icing on the cake. With Kamala no longer acting as Ms. Marvel, New Jersey needed a hero. Red Dagger couldn’t do everything, so Kamala’s friends take the suit! They all pitch in to become Ms. Marvel as a gang of ready to act teens. While it works for a while out of sheer luck, their luck was sure to end. A supervillain appeared, and the group had no chance against him for long. Mike had the solution, but how will Kamala react when she finds out? Kamala and Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, make up and begin the attempt at patching their friendship once more. To make matters more complicated, Kamala has her first kiss! With, you guessed it, RED DAGGER. Not Bruno!


What Just Happened:

With the kiss still freshly imprinted in Kamala’s mind, she tries to regain her bearings as the town superhero. While she tries to concentrate, Mike has a small freak out over Bruno being back. She’s still in love with him, and it is plain that he no longer feels the same. He wants Kamala, well, to be frank, he ALWAYS wanted to be with Kamala. He cared deeply for Mike, but it didn’t work out. Zoe is totally already crushing on the hot new girl, except there’s one problem. The new girl? Yeah, she’s a complete VILLAIN. She crushed a locker with her bare hands. Upon hearing that, Kamala rushes to the roof to confront the new girl, Kaylee. She discovers that it isn’t a human girl at all, but rather, It’s DocX! The same virus that almost cost her everything. It was back, and it seemed it had even more on its mind and under its belt. Just what does it want with Ms. Marvel? What will Kamala do with her complicated relationship with both Bruno and Red Dagger? Will Zoe find someone who actually likes her instead of laughs at her past humiliation of outing herself?













This issue had a lot of ups and downs with the emotions. I absolutely love that the driving point of the beginning of this arc is Kamala trying to figure out her friendships and possible relationships. It’s very believable and well portrayed. G Willow Wilson never disappoints with her writing. I’m super looking forward to seeing what she does with the upcoming 50TH ISSUE OF MS. MARVEL! Nico Leon is always a pleasure to watch create Kamala. He captures her very essence, and he helps create an entire world that suits her so perfectly. I’m impressed with how far this series has gone. It went from very teenage angst to WHA BAM! In your face emotions and incredibly relatable fights. Ms. Marvel is not to be ignored. You should check her out.

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With the kiss still firmly in her mind, Kamala forces herself back into the swing of things as a superhero. She knows that she has to figure out who she will choose and how it will affect the rest of her friendships, but for now, she's more than happy to be back and finally feeling like herself again. Unfortunately for Kamala, those feelings never get to last very long. A new bad guy has reared their head. Zoe discovered that the hot new girl has a dangerous secret. Just what does DOCX want with Kamala? What will Kamala do about her situation with Bruno and Red Dagger?
  • The emotions are always very easy to read.

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