Intergalactic Jail-Break (Doctor Strange #2 Comic Review)

“Sorcerer Supreme of the Galaxy” Part Two

Written by: Mark Waid

Art by: Jesús Saiz

He is Earth’s greatest hero and first line of defense in the fight against magical threats. As the Sorcerer Supreme, no opponent can stand against the mystical might of Doctor Strange!

Previously in Doctor Strange: Magic has left our dear Doctor Strange again and this time seemingly for good. As all of the usual avenues of retrieval fail for the good Doctor, Stephen turns to the man who knows rock bottom best. With a spiffy new space-ship courtesy of Tony Stark, Stephen heads out into the great unknown to find what kind of magic is out there among the stars. Things go south quickly though as an errant meteor strikes Strange’s ship and sends him hurtling towards an unknown planet. The landing is relatively safe but the planet’s inhabitants are less so. Strange is quickly captured and thrown into captivity. How will Doctor Strange get himself out of this sticky situation without his magical powers? Keep reading to find out!

Today’s Magical Tale: After months of confinement, Doctor Strange has a visitor. It turns out friends really can be made in the strangest circumstances as his new cell-mate just happens to be a self proclaimed “arcanologist”. Strange and his new ally, Kanna, quickly make their escape using a bit of techno-magic. Kanna certainly seems to be quite familiar with the mystic arts, which is just what Strange needs right now. After a daring escape, Kanna and Strange are free to explore the galaxy for more magical mysteries. Where will their journey take them? Come back next time to find out!

Personal Thoughts and Opinions: Already things are starting to pick up the pace here with issue #2. In just a brief span –  Strange escapes from jail, has a new ally to aid him in his quest, and there’s a mysterious organization on his tail. All of this is continuing to set up what I believe will be a very interesting and entertaining arc. I didn’t mention this in my last review but I was a bit worried that this series would be a re-tread of the Planet Hulk story, what with Strange crash landing on an alien planet and put into captivity. But thankfully that’s all resolved very quickly as Strange and Kanna are off to see what else the galaxy has to offer. I’m very curious to see what this mysterious group teased at the end has in store for our hero. The storybook style narration continues as well and it’s still fun to read. It almost feels like a fun sci-fy bedtime story. I’ll be disappointed to see it leave anytime soon.

The artwork from Mr. Saiz continues to be quite good. Each panel still has that painted quality to it which gives itself a unique style not seen as often. The world design  is quite interesting as well. We’re one planet into this galaxy spanning adventure and already the environments and aliens are very unique. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few familiar species pop up from time to time. We’ll have to wait and see what else is in store come issue #3.

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Jared Wood

Jared Wood

I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.
So far "Doctor Strange in space" continues to be a compelling idea. We're getting to see more unique ways of using magic, along with new alien worlds to be introduced to. Blending science fiction and fantasy doesn't always work but so far Doctor Strange is proving the status quo wrong. I look forward to seeing what's in store for the future.
  • Karra is a fun character
  • More magical goodness
  • Lovely art
  • No clearly defined villain yet
Story - 8
Art - 7.8
Written by
I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.

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