I’m in Love with an Evil Idiot (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #21 Comic Review)

User Rating: 9

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artists: Kev Walker

Cover Artist: Ashley Witter

Current girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, and another ghost?

Cover by: Ashley Witter


The Rebel Alliance has a job for Sana Starros and that job involves hunting down Chelli Aphra. Sana touches on her “relationship” with General Syndulla and accepts the job.

Meanwhile, Aphra uses a hidden communicator to get in contact with Magna Tolvan. Frustrated at Aphra’s inability to escape on her own, Tolvan refuses. This forces Aphra to reveal what is undeniably her biggest secret to Tolvan: why Aphra is actually on the run (*cough* Vader *cough*). Tolvan arrives at Accresker Jail and is able to see Aphra face-to-face in the form of an interrogation. Aphra is confused when Tolvan manages to communicate through Aphra’s electro-tattoos. This results in Tolvan pulling her sleeve down to reveal her own electro-tattoo on her arm, which appears to have skin and not the metal plating it had before.

Everything seems ready for the escape, but Aphra sees something old and shiny (because of course, she does).

Tolvan is hiding in the ship, panicking because the escape plan has gone haywire; Aphra is chasing something old and shiny (wait, is that ghost?) and Sana is right around the corner.


If you’re a shipper and love Tolvan and Aphra as much as I do, then this issue will be gold for you, hence the quote that is my title! Their romance has been a bizarre, but amazing one. I really hope it lasts.

I digress, this issue is definitely setting up something massive. (If you’re curious you can look at Marvel’s solicitations.) I really do think Aphra is at her most interesting here. She is so desperate that she has to reveal her biggest secret to Tolvan and actually seems truly repentant in dragging Magna into it.

I digress, again. Taking over for someone like Kieron Gillen can’t be easy, but Simon Spurrier has really made the book his own while maintaining the deep and detailed characters that Gillen created. Kev Walker’s art is really hit or miss with me and some parts of the issue are a little meh, but it’s not bad.

I am all about the Ashley Witter covers though. All. About. Them.

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Mary Swangin

Mary Swangin

Senior Editor
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.
SW: Doctor Aphra #21 is setting up something big and you don't want to sleep on this issue and certainly not this series. Plus, all the gay...
  • Aphra is in so much trouble, but it's the trouble we love.
  • Wait, where did Magna's cybernetic arm go?
  • Matching tattoos!
  • Art is a bit "meh" in places.
Writing - 10
Art - 8
Plot - 9
Written by
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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