With a Dire Beast, Comes Dire Secrets (Battlecats #3 Comic Review)

Battlecats #3: “The Hunt for the Dire Beast pt 3”

Written by: Mark London

Pencil and Ink by: Andy King

Color by: Alejandro Giraldo












Keeping Up With the Battlecats:

The 5 Battlecats are sworn to protect their king and kingdom. No matter the cost to themselves, and those words are kept close to heart as they travel to defeat the Dire Beast. The Battlecats face against powerful enemies and fake specters that leave them to believe that this is a trap, but they have no choice but to continue. Kaleera loses her cool and faces off against an enemy she can’t beat.  The moon has turned blood red, and the enemy was far more powerful than anticipated. Valeera saves her, and we see Kelthan’s face grow darker with worry. Will the Battlecats be able to take the Dire Beast down?

What Just Happened:

This issue pulls no punches and immediately jumps straight into more plot. Eltoreq, the enemy that Kaleera faced off against under the blood moon and lost, is speaking to who we can assume is his high commander. He reveals that he has weakened the Battlecats by killing Kaleera! Meanwhile, all 5 of the Battlecats continue their journey to the Dire Beast. That’s right, Eltoreq failed to take Kaleera down, but only because of Vaela’s mysterious powers. The journey is perilous as the Battlecats are forced to travel up a cliffside in order to further their journey. The Dire Beast is strong, and it seems it can hold its own easily against the powerful cats, but will they succeed in the end?

































This issue is jam-packed full of suspense and action. I keep telling everyone to pick the series up. I mean it. The artwork is beautiful, the action scenes are well designed, and the writing is top notch. Battlecats isn’t something you want to miss, and I mean it. You’ll regret not picking it up. My favorite part of the issue was the big expansion on the world. We see a small reveal for the truth of the situation the Battlecats and the kingdom find themselves in, but I won’t reveal that. You need to read it. The clean linework in the series always amazes me. Nothing is overpowering for the issues, and it’s a well-crafted blend. I’m looking forward to talking about the next issue.

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The Battlecats are on a quest to take down a beast so powerful the only name for it is Dire Beast. Along the way, they run into Eltoreq and battle ferociously. When they finally make it to the Dire Beast, Kelthan realizes there's more than meets the eye about this beast... Pick this series up. It's worth it!
  • The pressure is ever mounting, and I can't wait to see what happens when it bursts.
Artwork - 9
Writing - 8
Plot - 8
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 8

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