Honey, I Shrunk the Bat and the Hawk (Justice League #2 Comic Review)

Justice League #2


Written By: Scott Snyder

Art By: Jorge Jimenez

Colors By: Alejandro Sanchez


Alright great, we’re already at part 2 of this brand new series…and it’s only been 2 weeks? Oh, it’s a biweekly book? That’s great! Why can’t all mainstream books be bi-weekly? It would help the market so much! Regardless after last issue’s grand start with assaulting cavemen, nostalgia enjoyed and jokes about bats, what could possibly happen this time? Let’s dive into issue 2 of Justice League and find out if it’s a good read.

What you missed:

After the events of Dark Nights Metal and No Justice, the Justice League rebuilds with a very…animated lineup…No with the forces from beyond the source wall revealing themselves its up to the league to defend earth but not without having to deal with the Legion of Doom!



After the giant space thing lands on earth, the League is dispatched as a familiar, yet not so familiar friend/foe got near it. Figuring out that only certain physiologies can penetrate it, like martian and Kryptonian for example, Batman shrinks inside of Clark and Hawk Girl goes inside the Martian Manhunter and they set off for parts unknown


Meanwhile, at the legion of Doom…they have a baby…you’ll have to read it to understand it that’s all I’m giving you. A baby.

The comic ends with the revelation of a…new color spectrum, and the rise of its first champions…this should be fun.


Opinions and Such:

I’m still just in wow mode. Scott Snyder continues to astound me with how well he’s able to go from a singular focus with just Batman to handling the entire League in one title. That was one of my biggest fears going into this series but Snyder has proven that fear to be in vain. With great chemistry between Superman and J’onn, Batman and John Stewart, Flash and Hawkgirl…Woman…whatever. It shows that he really does care about more than just the Dark Knight and we have greatness in store with this run. This is me nitpicking at this point but the only real flaw is that the book is flying by from scene to scene. It does it alright enough but at parts, I wish they lasted longer especially the Legion of Doom scene.

I’m not going to lie I really wish this whole series was just Jimenez art. It’s just perfect for a Justice League title. You expect good quality from Jim Cheung, the artist on issue 1, but with Jorge Jimenez, it’s so amazing and perfect every panel of every page and it’s impressive. Thankfully this is a biweekly series, but I feel like every other issue I’m just gonna be craving more Jorge work.


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Justice League #2 is a solid continuation from a powerful first issue. It picks the ball up and builds upon what was already set while not blowing the doors off too early. The interactions with the different members of the league feel great, and with them being the centerpiece of this “New Justice” initiative, they are slowly feeling like the epicenter of the DC universe again and I love it. Combine that with the return of the Legion of Doom, I’m excited for more. This is definitely a good read and it’s surely worth the pickup.
  • Fricken Phenomenal artwork
  • Pretty good continuation
  • Fun call backs that induced nostalgia
  • It feels like everything is flying by so fast
Story - 8.5
Art - 9.5
Written by
Co-Host of the comic book review live stream Panel To Panel, and founder of OCG. A longtime comic book, video game, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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