Luke Cage Season 2


Mike Colter: Luke Cage

Simone Missick: Misty Knight

Theo Rossi: Shades

Alfre Woodard: Mariah Dillard/Stokes

Mustafa Shakir: John “Bushmaster” McIver

Directed By:

Lucy Liu

Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Kasi Lemmons


What you missed:

When season 1 begins. Luke already knows he has powers. Bulletproof skin and superhuman strength as well as an accelerated healing power. We are shown how he comes to have these through flashback scenes.

He doesn’t want the powers he has been given and doesn’t want to be a hero. He just wants to be left alone. But when a group of gangsters wanting control of Harlem begin to take over ad kill his father figure, he realizes someone has to do something and he is the only one with the strength and power to do it.


Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Shades and Mariah Dilliard


Season 2 picks up after the events of The Defenders. Luke has helped stomp out crime and has embraced being the Hero of Harlem and has settled down with Claire.

This time on Luke Cage:

Things are quiet in Harlem. Luke has become somewhat of a celebrity. He has his own app and people can track him and find him anytime. After Pops death in season 1, Luke and Bobby Fish are being evicted from the barbershop. But for the next month, they are still using as their base of operations. It doesn’t take long before a new player shows up on the scene. Bushmaster doesn’t really seem to care about Luke in the least. He has other plans and they involve the demise of Mariah Stokes. But it seems at every turn, Luke is inserting himself into Bushmasters plan.This causes Bushmaster to have to deal with Luke in a very public way, which he does. After manhandling Luke in front of dozens of people and having a video go viral, Bushmaster now feels he holds the power to do what he wants in Harlem.


Misty Knight

The Good:

Colter does a fantastic job bringing Cage to life. He displays a wide range of emotions and handles all the scenes with great depth and feel. The story is very well written and filmed. The flashback scenes never leave you feeling like you have no clue where they were going. They told you everything you needed to know about why Bushmaster was there and what he wanted. The violence was upped a bit for this installment. Some of it almost to Punisher level. But it wasn’t done just for the sake of doing it. It had to, for the characters to evolve to where they did. Mariah finally came into her own. There are a few new characters that will surprise you, but I believe they will be the ones to forward this story next time.

Misty Knight will receive the gift everyone is waiting for her to get. But not from Stark. There are many references in this season to Rand and Rand industries. She even has a great scene with Colleen Wing was great. Last but not least! The music and bands that play the club throughout the show are fantastic. Every song, every performer is mesmerizing. Even the use of old-school rap entertainers in some spots was well done. Loved every minute of it.


Misty and Colleen


The Bad:

Honestly, there wasn’t anything that was really bad about this season. A few things I did notice. Misty’s arm just doesn’t look very hi-tech for a billion dollar company to have created, and compared to Bucky’s arm…Wow! Near the end of the show, Luke got a little wishy-washy about protecting Mariah. I felt, once he knew the club patrons were safe, he could have walked away. Just like Iron Fist, I did feel the fight scenes were not very well done. They seemed too staged and fake looking. The Misty and Colleen bar fight and the warehouse fight with Cage and Bushmaster helping each other were the two exceptions. These fights were well thought out and performed as expected.

The show did have a few slow spots that could have been cut. I believe this show could have been 10 episodes and told the same story and been fabulous. I do not want any spoilers on here, but the ending was a bit anti-climatic and left me wondering, WTH!


Mustafa Shakir (Bushmaster)






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I am not sure if there will be a season 3 or if they will start Heroes for Hire. But however they go, I hope they finish what they started with where season 2 ended. What looks to be the new main villain who is not happy about how things played out is something I want to see!
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Comic collector, Movie aficionado, Photographer, Guitar player, Oakland Raider fan, Texas Longhorn fanatic, Autograph collector, and English Bulldog owner!

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