“And today I get to be a hero.” (Wonder Woman #50 Comic Review)

Writer: James Robinson

Artists: Stephen Segovia, Jesus Merino, Andy Owens, Emanuela Lupacchino, & Ray McCarthy

Cover Artist: Jesus Merino & Romulo Fajardo Jr

Variant Cover: Jenny Frison

Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr & Chris Sotomayor

Letters: Saida Temofonte

The saga of the Dark Gods comes to a close. The question is: what will happen to Jason?


WHAT HAPPENED:  The issue is actually set a month after the events of the attack of The Dark Gods. Steven and Diana speak cryptically about the events of the final fight. In the flashback scenes, we see The Dark Gods continue their assault on the Earth and the Justice League has proved to be powerless to stop them. Diana is trying to break Jason out of the mind control that the Dark Gods have put him under. Ultimately successful, the two quickly team up to try to finish off the Dark Gods. A lack of options leaves them scrambling for answers. Then, Jason makes a rash decision that will finally let him be a hero.

WHAT MARY HAS TO SAY: You all know just how I feel about Robinson’s Wonder Woman run. I have not been a fan and this issue really isn’t any different. The Dark Gods remain a mediocre group of villains that really only serve as a backdrop for Jason to have his Big Damn Hero moment and really nothing else. With proper exposition, the Dark Gods could have been something really cool, but they really are just throwaways.

Diana is actually a little better this issue. Her dialogue is a bit more organic and not quite as stilted. Her emotions are definitely genuine as opposed to the cookie cutter Silver Age Diana we have seen throughout this run.

The art for this issue, as has been with this entire run, was utterly phenomenal. While the run has had rotating artists, the flow hasn’t suffered one bit. (Segovia and Lupacchino especially deserve high praise.) The cover work, especially Frison’s variants, are out of this world. Frankly, the art is really the only thing that made this run even remotely enjoyable for me.

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A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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Wonder Woman #50 is an unremarkable end to an unremarkable run. Mediocre villains serve as a boring backdrop to an issue that really misses its mark during the emotional high points.
  • Jason's saga is over.
  • Diana's dialogue is better this issue.
  • Mediocre villains are mediocre.
  • Emotional moment really misses the mark.
  • Steve is so much taller than Diana here. Diana is 6'2. No.
Art - 9.5
Writing - 5
Plot - 6
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A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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