*NEWS FLASH* “Black Widow” Movie Will Be Directed By Cate Shortland!

Reported through Hollywood Reporter first as an exclusive, we finally have confirmation about who will be directing the long-anticipated “Black Widow” movie! Marvel Studios looked at over 70 directors over half a year. Seeking out primarily women directors, Marvel Studios knew that it was a priority for the movie to have a woman take the helm. This will be Marvel Studios’ second woman led film following Captain Marvel, which hits theaters next March.






Taking over six months to find a director may not seem that long to some, but the process was strenuous. At one point, it had stalled to the point that Marvel Studios began looking at men to direct the movie as well. Among the mix of difficult choices for Marvel Studios, we had Melanie Laurent (Galveston) and Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry). The hunt drew to a close in June, with finalists Amma Asante (Belle, A United Kingdom), Maggie Betts (Novitiate), and Shortland. Shortland, however, was the final decision, and Marvel Studios is proud to announce it.

Cate Shortland, an Australian director, is known for her works in the Nazi drama Lore, a critically acclaimed 2012 drama weaving the tale of a young woman leading her siblings through Germany as the Allied Forces drive in. Her most recent movie is Berlin Syndrome, a 2017 thriller starring Teresa Palmer.

2012 Film, Lore










Scarlet Johansson, herself is a fan of Shortland, who does not have agency representation. Johansson admired Shortland’s work in Lore, and she has placed her faith in Shortland for how the “Black Widow” movie will turn out.

The script was most recently drafted by Jac Schaeffer (female-centric remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Nasty Women). The movie is reportedly set before the events in the first Avengers movie, seeing the Russian spy turn superheroine!

The movie is fast approaching and with Cate Shortland taking the helm, we can be sure that this will be another strong hitter for Marvel Studios. It’s exciting to see two women led movies coming out so rapidly. Only time will tell what the movie holds, and Shoot the Breeze Comics is excited to see what is coming.

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