“MAGIC IS BROKEN” (Justice League Dark Comic Review)

Justice League Dark #1 The Last Age of Magic:  Part1!

Writer: James Tynion IV

Pencils: Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Inks: Raul Fernandez

Colors: Brad Anderson

Letter: Rob Leigh

Cover: Martinez, Fernandez, Anderson

Dark days are in sight as the events of Justice League: No Justice has left Wonder Woman in a state of awe. She knows something is wrong with magic itself and she hopes to find allies to join her cause to find and put things back to the way things were, but finding allies will not be an easy task; when everyone that is part of the shadows is afraid to what is happening. With the Tree of Wonder appearing in Salem, Massachusetts Wonder Woman is set to ready herself to what fantastic magical horrors it will bring. James Tynion IV is back from his amazing run in Detective Comics to bring us what bumps in the night. (New Justice) Justice League Dark #1


This Issue:

Starting off with Zatanna doing her regular on stage magic act in front of a crowded audience, when she begins to realize that something has gone horribly wrong. As she tries to fight off the creature that has appeared through her hat, she uses her backward magic but to no avail. While the people in the audience cheer of joy thinking it is all part of the act, they soon understand that what is happening is not a stage act. Not knowing what to do and how to fight this creature, out of nowhere Wonder Woman appears to meet it face to face. After the events of the failed magic trick by Zatanna, Wonder Woman pleads with her to join a new team she is trying to build to find out what is truly happening with magic.




At the Wintergate Manor as all magic/supernatural users from all over across the world come together under one roof as Jason Blood has called a meeting. Cameos from past New 52 Justice League Dark members are present and they tend to fix what is wrong with magic, but not everyone that is present is pleased to be next to a few people that are in the room with them. And Wonder Woman’s “New Team”… to them is simply just a mess. While Constantine stands outside to speak with Zatanna about what might be happening to magic, deep down she knows that he might be right.





While we see soon to be members appear and come together, from sitting at a magical bar to a science lab with the skeleton of a dragon, we can clearly see Wonder Woman out of place as she tries to understand why no one in the magic/supernatural world wants to join her team. To her, her whole life is from magic and its roots run deep all the way to the gods. But with her new mission with or without a team, she will find out what is happening. As Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp investigate some dead bodies, that is when her allies come together; Dead bodies rise up, a deadly future is shown, and a new villain has appeared from a dream, a new team will face it head-on. Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Detective Chimp, and Man-Bat!

My Thoughts:

As all first issues books set up future events that will throw the team out of whack, this issue does the same. With new characters working together for the first time and a huge threat than ever before has emerged, this new team will have their hands full. This isn’t June Moon going insane and Enchantress taking over, or Vampires, or even Felix Faust and Nick Necro. This is magic in its entirety that is broken and the original users are coming back. I can’t wait to fully see this new Justice League Dark into action to see how these characters play off each other. If you were a fan of the New 52 Justice League Dark, then you should be picking this up. James Tynion IV is a great storyteller and he is bound to take us on a supernatural roller coaster. Strap yourselves tight, from here on out the DC Universe is about to get DARK,

Quote of the issue:

“THE OTHER KIND can see you, my dear. You need to run. The UPSIDE DOWN MAN is nearly here!”

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Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right
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Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right

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