Shout It, Shout It Out Loud!! (Death of the Inhumans #2 Comic Review)

Death of the Inhumans #2

Writer: Donny Cates

Artists: Ariel Olivetti

Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews

Variant Cover: Marco Checcetto

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Death of the Inhumans #2 cover by Kaare Andrews.

Previously in Death of the Inhumans:

The king of the Inhuman royal family, Black Bolt, was investigating a wave of mysterious attacks against Inhumans across the galaxy, discovering the progenitors of the Inhumans, the Kree alien race, were behind these attacks. The Kree, alongside their new Super-Inhuman Vox, had begun another attack this time on the Inhuman capital city, New Arctilan. This leads to the deaths of Black Bolt’s brother, Maximus the Mad, and oldest friend, the teleporting Inhuman dog Lockjaw…

Summary with Limited Spoilers:

A day after the vicious attack on New Arctilan, the surviving members of the Inhuman royal family mourn all those who died in the attack, including the loyal dog Lockjaw, as Black Bolt begins writing a speech to try and honour the fallen. He then dispatches the Inhuman master strategist, Karnak, to meet with the Kree, in the floating debris fields of what once was the Kree homeworld of Hala, to begin talks of surrender. The band of Kree responsible for these attacks reveals that they killed longtime Inhuman ally Ronan and exiled his followers. They were an explorer tribe of the ancient alien race, and that after spending years out documenting uncharted space for the Kree empire, they returned home to the shattered remains of Hala (destroyed in the All-New X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover event “The Black Vortex”). Upon learning this, Karnak asks why the Inhumans are being attacked, as they played no part in the destruction of the Kree homeworld, but the Kree leader insists that a new dawn for the Kree empire is beginning, and with it, they must ensure the Inhumans their ancestors created are either subjugated or eliminated. The leader also reveals plans to go to Earth and attack all of the Inhumans there. Karnak then interjects, mentioning that Black Bolt has prepared a statement, revealing that he is not there to represent the Inhumans’ surrender, but rather the Kree’s. A fight between Karnak and the super-Inhuman Vox then breaks out, and after Vox delivers a near-fatal blow to Karnak’s torso, the entire building shakes. Karnak reiterates Black Bolt is delivering a statement. As the Inhuman king appears, the narration reveals the words he’s choosing to attack the Kree make up the speech he began writing at the start of the issue. After he & some Inhuman tank reinforcements level most of the Kree’s forces, he approaches the building where Karnak, the Kree leader & Vox are, ending his speech on a single word, “die”…


Opinions on story and art

I’ll admit, I enjoyed reading this issue more than I did the first entry in this miniseries, mostly because the body count is significantly lower than the previous issue. That’s not to say there aren’t some very tough emotional moments for me in this comic. They start right off the bat with the heart-breaking sight of Crystal pulling the remains of Lockjaw’s antenna out of the rubble, leading to another tragic moment, as Black Bolt’s speech preparation includes him reading the names of all those who died in the first issue (also giving the readers clarity on which name characters perished). Both writer Donny Cates, and art team Ariel Olivetti and Jordie Bellaire convey the heartbreak the Inhuman royal family feels very effectively. Equally well-conveyed is the brief but well-rendered fight sequence between Karnak & Vox. And in my overall frustration with the previous issue, I neglected to mention how much I liked the design for Vox, sharing a similar layout to Black Bolt, with red in place of the white lines on Black Bolt’s suit, and a grated mouth-cover. Vox comes across as very visually intimidating. I also neglected to mention Clayton Cowles’s wonderful lettering, using a similar design to the letter-work in a Thor comic, which is very fitting for a story revolving around the Inhuman royal family. Having said all of this, I still can’t say this miniseries is for me. Seeing this corner of the Marvel universe I fell in love with these last few years get so brutally slashed apart hurts too much.

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
While wisely choosing to give readers a respite from the onslaught of this story for the majority of this issue, the art still struggles on occasion, and the overall thrust of this story is a little too heartbreaking for me. Also, THEY KILLED LOCKJAW.
  • The opening of the comic is very well rendered, giving readers a chance to breath & mourn alongside the characters in the comic after the first issue’s events
  • The artwork looks better for the most part, with the action sequences in the last third being a particular visual standout for me.
  • The art, while better, still struggles with facial expressions at times, in particular Crystal’s appearance in the opening of the comic
Art - 8
Writing - 7
Plot - 7
Character Development - 6
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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