The Hunt for Hulk (Immortal Hulk #4 Comic Review)

“Time of Death”

Written by: Al Ewing

Art by: Joe Bennett

Bruce Banner is back from the dead. Is he a man or a monster? Whatever he is, when night falls, the Immortal Hulk walks the streets!

Previously in Immortal Hulk: While Hulk might be on the run, a very resolute reporter is right on his trail. Jackie McGee is looking for a very specific story. Wherever the Hulk goes, a story is sure to follow and Jackie aims to get to the bottom of it. Traveling to South Dakota, Jackie gets the eye-witness accounts of four individuals who had a rather close-encounter with our big green Hero. Jackie soon learns that a young teenager with rather violent gamma powers arrived at the local church looking to find divine aid for his girlfriend. After police arrive, the troubled youth take the 2 churchgoers as hostages. It isn’t long before the Hulk hears of the incident and steps in for himself. He makes quick work of the assailant and vanishes once again into the night. Jackie has her story, but there’s still something deeper going on. She soon gets a call from an old friend of Bruce, a rather hairy Canadian hero (no, not that one!). What’s in store for Jackie and her Canuck friend next as they continue to hunt for the Hulk? Keep reading to find out!

Today’s Resurrection: Jackie is waiting at the airport for her Canadian acquaintance to arrive. It isn’t long before Walter Langkowski, aka The Sasquatch, appears in the flesh. As Walter and Jackie make their way to a new Hulk sighting, we learn a bit about Walter’s history with Bruce. It turns out that the two were room-mates in college. They got along well enough but Bruce would have rather violent outbursts from time to time. The two wound up going their separate ways, but after seeing what Bruce had become Walter knew he had to try and replicate the process for himself. Obviously, the experiment was a success. Walter and Jackie arrive at the scene and make their way to the local bar to investigate. It isn’t long before a violent scuffle occurs and Walter is brutally injured. Walter is taken to the hospital, and while Jackie waits outside she’s met by a reclusive visitor with a warning that there’s a lot more danger soon to come. What’s in store for our journalistic team, as well as our jolly green hero? Come back next time to find out!

Personal Thoughts and Opinions: It looks like we’re finally getting into a larger over-all plot this issue. Where as the first two issues where unrelated events, this time around the inclusion of Sasquatch seems to be setting up for a rather big confrontation.The question remains whether this story thread will be resolved in the next issue or continue for a few more. At first it seemed like Mr. Ewing was doing an anthology series with this book, but now I’m not so sure. A part of me is a little sad that, at least for now, the anthology style is going away but at the same time I’m still excited to see what’s in store for this book. The overall pace of the issue is rather slow but it ends on an exciting cliffhanger. The inclusion of Sasquatch seems like somewhat of an odd pick for a supporting character because as far as I’m aware the two never had much of a relationship in the comics. But if there’s some back issues out there that say otherwise I’ll gladly retract my statement. Sasquatch does provide an interesting foil to Hulk in terms of a power-house type character and I’m glad we didn’t just get the usual run-in with the Abomination or Leader. I’m not sure how long the current thread will go for but I’m as curious as always to see where it leads.

The art continues to be quite good from Mr. Bennett. There isn’t a lot of action in this issue (actually almost none) despite the cover art but each scene is still beautifully drawn and the facial expressions of each character do a great job of showcasing Sasquatch’s laid-back charm along with the day to day lives of the people Bruce encounters. Sasquatch’s subtle redesign is a very interesting change going from a more typical looking hairy monster to a rather ape-like creature. I can’t wait to see the inevitable fight sequence between him and the Hulk. There’s not much else to say besides the fact that I sincerely hope that Mr. Bennett doesn’t step away from the project anytime soon. Like every issue, the book is fantastic to look at.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.
This issue provided a bit of character growth for both Walter and Bruce through their college flashbacks. Having the perspective shift from Bruce to Jackie and Walter is an interesting change. While this does mean that we get less action, the character development we receive in return helps to provide a stronger reason for caring about each individual. I hope the series does return to it's anthology style at some point, but until then I'm still curious to see where this story leads.
  • Interesting bit of character backstory
  • Sasquatch is a fun side-character to bring into the plot.
  • Basically zero action this issue.
Story - 7
Art - 9
This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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