The Insomniac Cat Prowls (Catwoman #2 Comic Review)

Art by: Joëlle Jones
Cover by: Joëlle Jones
Variant cover by: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
Written by: Joëlle Jones
Catching The Mouse With Catwoman:
After the unfortunate wedding night, Selina finds herself far away from Bruce. She’s now back in her hometown! Things aren’t ever simple for Selina, however, as she decides that she’s done. No more Catwoman. Just. No. More. With that in mind, you can imagine that it never goes the way she wants it to. Catwoman finds herself being tracked by police officers for a crime she didn’t commit! They had the wrong cat. Pissed, Selina dons her suit in search of the true culprit(s), and she finds herself surrounded by a mass of fakes wearing identical suits. Just what has she fallen into this time?
What Just Happened:
Selina is tracking down the real culprits tarnishing her name with crimes that she hadn’t committed, and is now surrounded by a multitude of women all wearing her suit! She still hasn’t slept, and she’s hoping that by drawing out this battle with the doppelgangers, she will finally find rest. She demands answers, most of which go unheeded. All she knows is that these women were hired as “actresses” for a flash mob. The scene cuts to another woman wearing the Catwoman suit. She tries to apologize for failing, and well, she suffers intensely from her failure.
I had been holding out for a good Catwoman comic, and Joëlle Jones delivers well. Her writing holds true to what I would want from Selina, especially after the wedding issue. The art style is well detailed, coloring is fantastic, and each scene captures the emotions. I’m impressed. Selina has held a soft spot for me for quite a while, and seeing her in a solo comic does my heart good. I wish that things had gone differently in the wedding, but much like Selina, I still hold out some hope for a return visit. With yet another sinister plot surrounding her, what will Selina do? Can she overcome this obstacle while this exhausted? Guess we’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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Cat's far from out of the bag as Selina is still trying to uncover this sinister plot against her. There are multiple women donning her suit, and none of them will give her a straight answer. Two police officers are dead, and there's an angry woman lurking behind the scenes. What will happen to our beloved Catwoman?
  • The issue picks up exactly where the first one left off
  • We still know next to nothing about this villain.
Art - 9
Plot - 7
Writing - 8
Character Development - 7.5
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 9

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