*NEWS FLASH* Marvel’s Weapon-X Ending Soon.

According to Co-writer Fred Van Lente, Weapon-X will be ending fairly soon.

Speaking on this weekend’s War Rocket Ajax. Lente said “I do Weapon X for Marvel which is super fun, but that ends fairly soon.”

Lente has co-written Weapon-X with Greg Pak since issue #7.

Weapon-X crossed over with the Totally Awesome Hulk last year and introduced new character Weapon H.

 The Weapon-X/Totally Awesome Hulk Crossover – Weapons of Mutant Destruction.

This adds to the number of X-men books that are ending in the upcoming months. Weapon-X joins Cable, X-men Blue and Gold to be cancelled this year. Iceman got cancelled earlier this year but a new volume will start on September 12th.

  Iceman #1

Another book that ended was All New Wolverine but continues in a new X-23 comic that started in July.

  X-23 #1

With X-men event Extermination starting this week, we will have to see who not only survives the event, but also these book’s cancellation

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Tobey Parfitt
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.
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I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.

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