*NEWS FLASH* The Warmasters of Thanos Are On Strike!

After their appearance in Marvel Studios’ film Avengers: Infinity War, and we were shocked as they attacked Earth with unbridled ferocity…now, this November, five of Thanos’ most feared warriors are ready to take the spotlight.

Derek Landy, the author of the critically acclaimed Skulduggery Pleasant series will join artist Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man) for the limited series Black Order, an unhinged super-villain adventure!

Dispatched by the Grandmaster to work their ruthless tactics, the Cull Obisidian have set their sights on destruction – but they may discover that there’s someone even bigger and badder standing in their way… Via solicitation

“Springboarding from their last appearance in AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER, BLACK ORDER sets the flagitious five on a bloody, brutal, head-rolling take-no-prisoners tear that will pit them against the forces of an entire Galactic Empire–and where they’ll encounter some familiar Marvel faces as well as some bonkers new faces along the way!” Executive Editor Tom Brevoort told Marvel.

Black Order #1 is on sale November 7th!

BLACK ORDER #1 (of 5)

Written by DEREK LANDY

Art and Cover by PHILIP TAN

On Sale 11/7/18

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A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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