“News Flash” Eve Ewing & Riri Williams Fly High with new Ironheart Series!

Fans of Riri Williams, get excited! Marvel has just announced a new Riri Williams: Ironheart series starting November 7th!! Written by Chicago academic, playwright and poet Eve Ewing & drawn by Kevin Libranda (Champions), the series will focus on the further growth & adventures of the young Riri Williams, now that Tony Stark is back in action.


In an interview with Darcel Rockett of the Chicago Tribune, Eve Ewing went into details about Riri, saying, “Previous writers put in so much, in terms of beginning her autobiographical details, but as a Chicagoan, I want to get down and dirty — like where did Riri go to high school? What bus does she take? Does she eat hot chips? These are the things that are really going to make her a full three-dimensional person. I’m really excited about putting in some of those little Chicago details.”   Ewing later added “So I think the really exciting thing is really building out Riri, not as just Ironheart, but who is she as a person? Specifically, what does it mean to be a teenage black girl from Chicago? Somebody who has lost family members to gun violence, somebody who understands the realities of the community is going to bring something very different to questions about justice and who the good guy is and who the bad guy is and what you do about that. She’s also a teenage genius and because of that, she skipped over a lot of social things — she went to high school when she was very young, she’s already in MIT, so Riri is not really great with her peers, she doesn’t really have any friends. Being a genius and knowing how to fix stuff and build amazing gadgets doesn’t necessarily make you a happy person. So how do you figure out how to use the power that’s available to you and how to connect with and be accountable to the people around you?”

Marvel has shared some of artist Kevin Libranda’s design work for the new series, seen here.

Ironheart designs from Kevin Libranda

A few close-ups of Riri Williams from Kevin Libranda

The series is set to start this November, so be sure to pre-order from your local comic shop or Comixology!

Variant Cover

Another Variant Cover



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A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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