I Choose My Family Well (Red Sonja/Tarzan #4 Comic Book Review)

User Rating: 9.7

Writer: Gail Simone

Artist: Walter Geovani

Cover Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Variant Cover: Walter Geovani, Dee Cunniffe, Sergio Davila, Ceci De La Cruz, Roberto Castro, Salvatore Aiala

Colors: Adriano Augusto

Letters: Simon Bowland


Sonja and Tarzan attempt to stage a rescue mission but make a startling discovery when seeking aid from The Traveller.


WHAT HAPPENED: Tarzan and Sonja end up in Hyrkania searching for Duul, Tarzan’s daughter-in-law, and answers. Sonja takes Tarzan to meet with The Traveller who is in a shocking state. More information about Duul is revealed and then a fight breaks out between Duul, Sonja, and Tarzan regarding the fate of his daughter-in-law. Sonja battles Duul and his swordswoman alone to give Tarzan time to chase after Boxer. After the fight with Boxer, Tarzan is backed into a corner.

WHAT MARY HAS TO SAY: There is a lot of exposition in this issue that I am hesitant to cover for fear of spoiling the issues, especially the twists. All I really want to say is that Simone continues to craft a highly nuanced, action-packed, and engaging story.

Tarzan and Sonja continue to play off of each other very well without one dwarfing the other. The only downside is that, because this is a mini-series, each issue is packed full of so much exposition it makes it hard to cover in a review.


Geovani’s art continues to be out of this world.

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Mary Swangin

Mary Swangin

Senior Editor
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.
Simone crafts such a multifaceted and nuanced story that does justice to both Red Sonja and Tarzan. Thrilling and engaging action scenes from Geovani pull the reader further into the story. A great installment in this series as well as the legacies of both of these characters.
  • As always: Fantastic art from Geovani
  • Simone crafts such a multifaceted and nuanced story.
  • All characters have depth. No one is wasted.
  • Horny Sonja is best Sonja
  • I felt the pacing was a little slow for this issue.
Art - 9.8
Writing - 9.8
Plot - 9.5
Written by
A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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  1. Still removing criticism of Simone’s story.

    Sonja getting the hots for a character that was slapping her around in a previous issue is good?

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