Running of the Bull-Sharks (West Coast Avengers #1 Review)

Sometime after the conclusion of her solo series, Kate Bishop searches for a team after a bad encounter with sharks that have somehow gotten to run through Santa Monica. But all is not easy for this newly-formed team as personalities clash.
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Color Artist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Stefano Caselli & Nolan Woodard
Variants: Mike McKone & Jesus Aburton; Paul Renaud; Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson; Lauren Tsai
Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao
Editor: Alanna Smith
Clint Barton recounts Kate Bishop leading a herd of sharks in Santa Monica back towards the ocean. Upon convincing Kate to gather a team, she does interviews for a few dozen “superheroes” before settling on America Chavez, her boyfriend Jonathan a.k.a Fuse, Gwenpool, and Quentin Quire. Shenanigans ensue while Kate talks with the reality show team who is setting up their headquarters.
The story of West Coast Avengers #1 was a rather easy read and it felt as though there was a through-line from Clint discussing to the humorous final page. Each character felt true to what had come before instead of a jarring shift in characterization as can happen in comics. Stefano Caselli’s art and Triona Farrell’s colors made Santa Monica feel lived in and made me feel as though I were re-visiting the town after being away for a while. A character I’ve grown attached to since first reading this is Doctor Mole.

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Danielle Lemos

Danielle Lemos

West Coast Avengers #1 is a can't miss book. The team behind this really hit it out of the park and I am excited to read every single issue. Kelly Thompson continues to have a deft hand at creating a dissonance between comedy and danger which makes for a great reading experience.
  • Kelly Thompson's writing
  • Stefano Caselli and Triona Farrell's artwork
  • Alanna Smith's seamless editing
  • Joe Caramagna's amazing lettering

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