Like Time Never Passed (Fantastic 4 #2 Comic Review)

Fantastic 4 #2


Written By: Dan Slott

Penciled By: Sara Pichelli

Inked By: Sara Pichelli & Elisabetta D’Amico

Colored By: Marte Gracia

Lettered By: VC’s Joe Mara Magna

Cover Art By: Esad Ribic

After the amazing signal flares in the sky from the first issue revealing that the first family will reunite soon, fans waited in suspense for a month to see what happened to Reed, Sue, Valeria, Franklin and the other members of the Future Foundation upon their disappearance in Secret Wars? Now we pick up and see if Fantastic 4 #2, isn’t a good read, but a Fantastic one.





The Breakdown:

As the Future Foundation travel the cosmos restoring the many universes destroyed during the cataclysmic event, We see that young Franklin and Valeria oops! I mean Brainstorm and Powerhouse! That’s right they got code names now!…along with the young foundation members like Alex Power have grown in their absence. Val even romancing a young man who Sue feels reminded of her and Namor the Submariner. With each new universe Franklin and Owen Reece the Molecule Man-wait a minute…wasn’t Molecule Man in Ultimates? How has he been with Reed, Sue, and the kids?… Anyway with each new universe grew a new evil. Now that evil has been unleashed and with a desire to defeat the multiverse’s greatest heroes, Mr. Fantastic calls in his entire family for the ultimate “Step Up” moment against the new threat of Entropy.



Opinions and Such:

Okay, so this issue is just perfect. The only thing holding it back is the length. Yea I said it, this should have been longer. The issue of this being a monthly book but it’s the return of these characters is we have to wait a MONTH to see this eventual throw down where the extended family kicks this multidimensional demon lady’s ass. And that’s annoying. But when it comes to the story itself? It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Progression for these characters, the return of that family dynamic. As I’m reading this it feels as if no time has passed and my favorite comic book family is still making me feel fear, laugh and cry all at once. Slott came off of Spider-man and poured his heart into this series and this issue has me so hopeful for the future of the Fantastic Four.



Sara Pichelli as well shows that she is doing some of the best art of her career in this series. With an amazing design for Entropy as well as some of the creatures Franklin created in these universes, it just screams the type of adventures the Four are meant to have. My favorite panel of the whole book besides on the last page is Reed and Sue cuddled up together on a snow planet enjoying the fact that Molecule Man was able to turn their basic coffee into Sumatra. They’re a family, they’re happy. And it’s just fan-fricken-tastic.

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James Portis

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Fantastic Four #2 is downright Fantastic. That’s a dumb compliment by I don’t care! This book is everything fans of the first family have missed with Slott & Pichelli showing that they were born to write these character. Hopefully the momentum continues as we get to the throw down and full reunion in the next issue. Highly recommend a pick up.
  • Amazing new villain
  • Return to form story full of feels
  • Amazing art
  • Jesus be longer or come out biweekly
Story - 9.8
Art - 9.8
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Co-Host of the comic book review live stream Panel To Panel, and founder of OCG. A longtime comic book, video game, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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