Dark Truths and Stray Cats (Catwoman #3 Comic Review)

Art by: Joëlle Jones

Cover by: Joëlle Jones

Variant cover by: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Written by: Joëlle Jones









The Cat’s Cream:

In the last issue, our Insomniac Selina still has not slept. She stalks in the night to find the culprits of crimes she has never committed, only to land herself far into the grasp of a multitude of doppelgangers. In an attempt to exhaust herself, she draws the fight out. The fakes were hired to draw her out of hiding, but for what, we do not know just yet. The plot thickens, and the sinister air grows smoggier. Will our Catwoman be able to persevere? How about catch a cat nap? I won’t apologize for these kitty jokes, thanks.

Toying With The Catwoman:

Who is this mysterious villain after Selina? We don’t know much so far, aside from the fact that she is very very powerful. Selina is given an ultimatum by one of the figureheads behind the incidents. Cooperate or die. Surrounding her with the man is a group of elderly people who are taking strange medications and staring menacingly. It is obvious that she has no choice but to listen, right? Yeah, no.  Our feisty Cat would never listen to what they have to say. She doesn’t cooperate on anyone’s terms except her own. She refuses the …generous offer, and the elderly people strike! Selina is running out of lives first, and the dangers grow more ominous in her path. What will happen to Selina? What is this appointment our Stray has to make? Guess we’ll find out next time.










This issue has been fantastic. Joelle is a master at writing Catwoman, and I’m so glad we’ve had the opportunity to give her the chance she rightfully deserves. I’ve been pouring over these issues trying to see if there’s anything I dislike, and I have to say, there isn’t much. This one, in particular, I have enjoyed how clean the lines are. The story is progressing smoothly, without too much negative to make it static. I have not struggled to keep up, even after the month waits in between issues. The emotions, as always, are easy to read and understand. Joelle really captures what I feel when I think of Catwoman, so for that, I’m excited to see what comes next. Not to mention, this intense villain we’re seeing the build up for? Yeah, I’m so down to find out why she’s so determined to kill. This arc has built up beautifully.

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After being escorted further into the casino, Selina is given an offer she has no choice but to refuse. The stakes are too high, and this cat works alone. We get a peek into the villain's backstory, and the truths we see are far harsher than expected. Selina has her work cut out for her.
  • The arc is building beautifully.
  • The villains are being fleshed out at a steady pace.
  • The mysterious air behind the characters is intact.
  • How quickly side characters fall.
  • The villain's motivations.
Writing - 7.5
Art - 9
Plot - 7
Fluidity From Previous Issue - 8

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