“Avengers Reassemble” (Avengers #8 Comic Review)

Avengers #8 Comic Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: David Marquez

Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: David Marquez & Justin Posnor

Variant Covers: Mike McKone & Chris Sotomayor; Philip Tan & Marte Garcia

Inside Avengers Mountain

“Avengers Reassemble”


What You Need to Know

The Avengers get a breather after their Earth shaking battle with the Dark Celestials. The team takes the time to familiarize themselves with each other and plan for the future. The Avengers won’t have much time to regroup, as a familiar face seems to be starting trouble again from the ocean’s depths.

What Just Happened

The Avengers take time to recover from their ordeal with the Final Host to regroup in their new headquarters at Avengers Mountain. This mountain turns out to be the corpse of the ancient Celestial that created super humans like the Avengers in the first place. Ghost Rider gets an official welcome to the Avengers by having to spar with Captain America. The story then flashes back to right when the battle with the Dark Celestials ends. She-Hulk is worried about her power levels fluctuating, while Loki mocks the Avengers and takes credit for bringing them back together. Loki alludes to another powerful force watching the Avengers and states it will be coming for the Avengers soon. Before Thor can bring Loki to justice, the Celestials take Loki. The Celestials raise the ancient Celestial from its tomb underneath the Earth and present it as a gift to the Avengers.

In the present Wakandan architects and Alpha Flight technicians work to make the Celestial corpse livable. Doctor Strange runs tests on Jennifer Walters, and learns that the battle with the Celestials allowed her to store even more gamma radiation, which turns increases her strength and size, but lowers her intelligence when hulked out. Doctor Strange asks Jennifer to take time away from active duty, but Jennifer refuses. Jennifer also continues her flirtatious relationship with Thor. Doctor Strange meanwhile declines full-time membership with the Avengers but informs them he can be contacted whenever his services are needed.

Tony Stark invites Captain Marvel to remain with the Avengers. Captain Marvel agrees under the condition that everyone on the team has a voice. Tony agrees and tries to flirt with Captain Marvel, which results in him getting punched through a wall. The Avengers unanimously vote that Black Panther become the leader of the team, and T’Challa reluctantly agrees. Before T’Challa can complete the first official Avengers meeting, an alert calls them out to the Southern Ocean. Atlantean warriors have been killed by whalers and displayed as trophies on their ships. This brings a vengeance fueled Namor from the ocean depths with a giant squid at his side to seek retribution.

My Thoughts

This issue was nice change of pace that allows the reader to catch their breath from the wackiness that occurred in the initial arc. I like how Jason Aaron is positioning Robbie Reyes as the heart of the group. Robbie seems to have that everyman point of view that most people would have if they met Captain America. I found it strange that the issue didn’t just start right after the battle with the Final Host instead of flashing back to it a couple pages into the book. Nevertheless it provides the necessary context as to how the Avengers moved into their new headquarters, which I must say is both creepy and awesome. They are essentially living in a giant dead space God. The flashback also provides some foreshadowing as to next overarching threat the team will face in the future courtesy of Loki. I find it fascinating that instead of dreading the reformation of the Avengers, Loki takes credit for it and is boastful about it. I think Loki knows even more than he lets on and he will be a big part of what happens in this book in the future.

We finally get some answers as to what’s plaguing She-Hulk. The answers we receive are confusing to me however, as I was under the impression that She-Hulk’s hulk outs were becoming more unpredictable in her last ongoing book, but Doctor Strange makes it seem like the battle with the Dark Celestials activated the increase in gamma energy she generates. I do continue to enjoy the relationship that is developing between She-Hulk and Thor, and I found it hilarious that Thor is nervous around Jennifer Walters but not She-Hulk.

Tony Stark and Carol Danvers finally got to have it out after the events of Civil War II. There is still plenty of tension that Jason Aaron does a great job of illustrating. I wonder if Tony will keep his word when he says he would allow Carol to second guess his decisions. Aaron also provides Tony with a sleazy and hilarious moment that allows Carol to truly express her frustration with him. Marvel is definitely capitalizing on the massive popularity of the Black Panther movie, but I am still pleasantly surprised that T’Challa was made leader of this incarnation of the Avengers. I am anxious to see how Jason Aaron characterizes T’Challa’s leadership in future issues. Especially with the Sub-Mariner returning as a potential friend or foe of the team.

David Marquez’s art is very good in this issue. I didn’t realize Robbie Reyes was a high schooler until this issue, and Marquez is the first artist I’ve seen on this book to adequately portray him as a teenager. The interior design of the dead Celestial is very impressive.   I also really like to new character design for Namor.

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Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman

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The Avengers try to relax and regroup as a team after saving the world from the Final Host. New headquarters, new leadership, potential relationships, and team departures all occur in this issue. This issue also sees the return of the Sub-Mariner. Is Namor friend or foe?
  • Awesome new headquarters
  • Ghost Rider is being positioned as the emotional center
  • Black Panther as team leader!
  • The return of Namor
  • Thor nervous around Jennifer
  • Tony Stark's flirting fail
  • Wasn't She-Hulk's powers malfunctioning before this book?
Story - 8
Art - 9
Character Development - 8
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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