What Was The Point! (Teen Titans #22 Comic Review)

Writer – Adam Glass

Artist – Bernard Chang

What Happened – The Titans are mourning the loss of fellow teammate Roundhouse.  Who, in the last issue sacrificed himself. The members are all coping differently, Crush is being cold whilst Djinn is easily accepting. Red Arrow is blaming the team’s inability to work together and Kid Flash is blaming himself. During a training session where Red Arrow demonstrates their inability to work together is why Roundhouse was gone. She easily takes down Djinn and Crush but Kid Flash gets angry and accidentally breaks a couple of Red Arrow ribs.  Meanwhile, Damian visits Black Mask who is in Damian’s prison. Damian makes him a deal, he tells him who ‘The Other’ is or he’ll cut off Black Mask’s disabled son’s care. He tells Damian about a job he heard about.  Later the Titans are outside a hospital, waiting to stop a heist. The Heist is by Golden Glider and an unknown woman who has the ability to turn invisible. Glider flees and the other takes a nurse to the roof as a hostage. She falls from the roof but Crush jumps off as well and catches her whilst Djinn breaks their fall.  Later Damian is alone at the dock when someone who knows about his secret prison shows up. It’s Red Hood and he’s working with Damian to find ‘The Other’ and shows him their nest target. Commissioner Gordon.  Kid Flash goes to tell Roundhouse’s family about his death but when he knocks on the door, he’s surprised to see Roundhouse answering the door.

Roundhouse Alive! Great???

My Thoughts – In today comics no one stays dead for very long. Sometimes it’s used as a cliff-hanger or sometimes it’s a gimmick or sometimes the publishers just don’t have the bottle to keep them dead. So last issue when Roundhouse was catapulted into the stratosphere, I thought we’d find out that the Team saved him at the very last minute. I mean that’s why they’re a team, so they can do more than the single member can. Instead, we find them all dealing with his death and I believed it. I thought finally they killed a character off, and a child character as well. I mean he’s just a poor imitation of another useless character, but killing him off was a great plot point for the book.  This issue shows how each member copes with the loss. Then how it affects the team when they next go out into the field together.

A Damian/Red Hood Team up.

The other half of the book tells about Damian and his secret prison and why he’s doing it.  It was fun to sees that he’s teamed up with Red Hood.  As Damian kind of looks down at him the most of his ‘brothers’, even though they’re the most alike. Then the last few pages of Wally having to tell roundhouse family about his death, only for Roundhouse himself to be there. Basically undoing all the growth and consequences of the whole issue.


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Tobey Parfitt
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.
They put all the effort in to making you believe in the hero sacrifice. Only to erase it before the end of the next issue.
  • Seeing the fallout from last issue
  • Damian's Prison Arc getting Interesting
  • Roundhouse's death wasn't real
Written by
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.

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