Conversation with a Monster (Immortal Hulk #6 Review)

User Rating: 7

Immortal Hulk #6

Author: Lee Garbert

Artist:  Al Ewing

Cover Artist: Alex Ross

What Happened:

Bruce Banner is in a hotel room trying to communicate with the Hulk using automatic writing. Elsewhere, Betty is watching a news report about the Hulk. Unknowingly ,she is under surveillance by a secret organisation headed by General Fortean. He is spying on all of Bruce’s and the Hulk’s associates, trying to find the whereabouts of the Hulk.  At Alpha Flight, They are discussing the recent actions of Sasquatch when Captain Marvel shows up and wants to use their satellite to find the Hulk. At the end, Bruce is hitch-hiking along a road and Captain Marvel shows up with the rest of the Avengers, asking Bruce to come with them. He answers by Hulking out….

Guest appearance by Captain Marvel

My Thoughts:

I like the whole horror feel to this series, even if this was a little light on the horror in this issue. We do learn a little more about who is hunting the Hulk. The Avengers show up at the end of the issue and I liked that too. The art is on spot as it has been for the whole series. This series is very different to other ones I have read about the Hulk. The general rule is most arcs last six issues, though this story seems still at the beginning with more questions than answers; I wonder how much further it’ll go. I’m looking forward to the next issue.

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Tobey Parfitt
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.
  • Great Art.
  • Cool guest apearances
  • No real action
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I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.

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