Everybody Loves a Good Villain (Darth Vader #21 comic review)


Writer: Charles Soule

Layouts: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Finishes: Daniele Orlandini

Colors: David Curiel

Cover Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Elia Bonetti

Letter: VC’s Joe Caramagna


Emperor Palpatine has taken control of the galaxy with Darth Vader as his ever faithful apprentice.  Vader has eliminated the Jedi from the galaxy.  As a reward the Emperor has given Vader a starship, a relic from his past, and permission to travel were he pleases in pursuit of bettering his understanding of the dark side.


Darth Vader has succeeded in ridding the galaxy of the Jedi.  For his success he has been given Padme Amidala’s royal starship which Palpatine has recovered.  Palpatine is also rewarding Vader by giving him the chance to build his own base wherever he chooses.  Vader chooses to build his base on Mustafar.  Accompanied by an Imperial architect Vader travels to Mustafar intent on doing more than building a base.


Everyone loves a good villain and Darth Vader is probably one of the best known villains out there.  This story picks up after Revenge of the Sith, but still early on in Vader’s career.  He’s successfully wiped out the Jedi and is pretty much allowed to do as he pleases now.  He decides that he’s going to go to Mustafar.  This is the place he was last defeated and injured so severely that he now needs a suit to help him live.  It seems strange that he wants to go back there so badly.  Even Palpatine questions him, “why Mustafar?”

It appears that Vader feels some sort of pull towards Mustafar.  By going to Mustafar he feels that he can complete a spiritual journey into the dark side that he began the first time he was there.  I think this is really interesting because storylines like this are usually reserved for heroes.  We watch heroes go on these journeys to better understand their powers and prepare to take on the villain.  In this case though, Vader is the villain and he’s already defeated his enemies.  What is he actually trying to learn?

Palpatine seems to think that Vader is still hung up on Padme, which is not something we see a lot in Vader’s established lore.  So, it might be interesting to see how that affects his actions and his character, if it does at all.  Honestly, it’s a little strange to be rooting for Darth Vader of all people, but it should be interesting to see what we can learn about him.

Regardless of what we end up learning about Vader after this he’s going to look good while doing it.  The art style works really well with the settings and Vader himself.  It doesn’t work so well with the people he’s traveling with.  There are some panels were they look kind of creepy, but they don’t seem to be all that important to the overall story.  So, it probably doesn’t matter if they look all that great.  Vader and Palpatine were definitely a success though.  The settings and environments are also amazing and great to look at.

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Sarah Bieniek

Sarah Bieniek

I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.
It’s interesting to see new stories set in the Star Wars universe, but I’m not sure this one stands out as all that special though. The most interesting thing about this book is the fact that it’s about Darth Vader. Which has a lot of potential. Overall the book is good, just not amazing.
  • Interesting spin on a hero’s quest
  • An opportunity to learn more about one of the best known villains ever
  • Beautiful backgrounds and settings
  • Not sure how I feel about having an unapologetic villain as a protagonist
  • The more human characters can be a little off putting
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I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.

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