*NEWS FLASH* Oni Press Dives Into Webcomics

Oni Press announces the creation of a webcomics hub for the company early this morning.


In a Press Release, which can be found on Newsarama, Oni Press announced the comics company has made an all-ages webcomics hub as a means to share comics with everyone. Right now the comics available on the hub are Spectacle by Megan Rose Gedris, Sarah Graley’s Kim Reaper, and their most recent release, Draw Out the Vote, an anthology about politics and voting.

Oni Press’s publisher, James Lucas Jones, commented on the hub: “We see this as just the opening salvo in a campaign to bring the work of our astounding creators to more readers with as few barriers to entry as possible. We can’t wait to add both new titles and new functionality to this evolving platform.”

This is an exciting move for the future of indie comics. Hopefully more comics companies will follow suit and release webcomics to gain an even wider audience.

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Danielle Lemos

Danielle Lemos

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