Blood Wars (Titans #26 Comic Review)

User Rating: 8.5

Writer – Dan Abnett

Artist – Brett Peeples

What Happened – The Titans go to a small Norwegian town, where they’ve traced another emergent event.  Nightwing, Donna, Beast Boy and Miss Martian explore the strange ghost town, when they are attacked by monsters that don’t seem to die. In the local command base, Steel and Rubel are using their capacitor to absorb the dark energy from the town.  As the members start to get hurt and panic, Miss Martian’s psychic link gets flooded with emotions and causes her to lose control of her camouflage.  As Steel comes to back up the team, Raven remains at the base as she has been benched since losing her soul and her powers are unreachable.  As the monsters have the team and their base surrounded, Steel tells Rubel to discharge the capacitor.  As he does, the monsters dissipate revealing all the townspeople dead in the streets.  Back at the Halls of Justice as the team recuperates, Rubel tells Miss Martian that he saw her ‘true self’ but will keep her secret.

Titans Go!

My Thoughts – This issue has a very creepy horror vibe to it, like the Thing or  30 days of Night. It felt a little dark for a Titan book, but I enjoyed it.  With the re-introduction of Miss Martian, you forget that they all believe she’s actually Martian Manhunter’s niece.

Miss Martian shows her true color

After the Young Justice cartoon, I wonder how they’ll uncover her secret or if they actually do.  Raven’s probably my favorite member on the team, so seeing her benched and not finding out what’s going on with her is disappointing. The continuing story arc of blood and the aftermath of Metal and No Justice is revving up to a enjoyable conclusion. Though I hope they do more character development and show the team dynamics grow.

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Tobey Parfitt
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.
Another good Issue, with good pace and sharp imagery.
  • Good Story
  • Great Art
  • Maybe a few too many subplots
Written by
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.

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