One Life at a Time (Titans 27 Comic Review)

Writer – Dan Abnett

Artist – Brent Peeples







What Happened – As the team here’s about Nightwing’s shooting. Beast boy also tells them of another person dying, a victim from the first emergent event. Beast Boy, Miss Martian, and Steel visit the boy in his deathbed whilst Donna and Raven talk about their problems. Learning the boy will soon die, Steel and Ben Rupel suggest using their capacitor to stabilize him. Miss Martian refuses to test on humans but Donna explains this is the reason Nightwing brought them together. The experiment fails, killing the young man immediately. Leaving the team asking ‘where do we go from here?’

Raven and Donna Grieve.

My Thoughts – From last issue’s ‘horror story’ to this somber edition was a bit jarring.  Instead of driving the story with the Blood cult forward.  This issue was more of a look back and a reminder of the arc so far. From the dying young man from the first issue to Raven explaining her condition again. The book felt a little familiar to last issue’s Teen Titans. Where they were also grieving a loss. I would have thought that the team would have rallied together more, instead of doubting the team’s possible future without Nightwing.

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Tobey Parfitt
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.
A nice story to remind us that even superheroes have human emotions.
  • emotional story
  • Nice looking art.
  • didn't push the arc forward.
Written by
I am a writer who loves comic books, movies, pop punk and bonsai.

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