You learn Courage by Couraging! (Unstoppable Wasp #1 Advanced Comic Review)

Unstoppable Wasp #1

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artists: Gurihiru

Cover Artist: Gurihiru

Variant Cover Artists: Yasmine Putri, Ben Caldwell

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao

Gurihiru’s cover to Unstoppable Wasp #1!

Previously in Unstoppable Wasp…

The teenage daughter of Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man) and his first wife, Nadia was born and raised in Russia’s Red Room program, specifically as part of its science division. Recreating her father’s shrinking powers with Pym Particles, she escaped the Red Room, made her way to America, where she would join the Avengers, help defeat the plans of the Grandmaster & save the life of her surrogate father Edwin Jarvis, joined the Champions, and started her own research group, Genius in Action Research Labs, or GIRL for short!



Nadia Van Dyne, the Unstoppable Wasp returns, as she must contend with the villainous-resurgence of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), the appearance of new foe Seeker, inventing something new for the GIRL Expo, and confronting the truth about who her father, Hank Pym, really was (or is?)! But she’s not alone, as her friends at GIRL, Tania, Priya, Ying, Shay, Alexis, mentor & surrogate mother Janet Van Dyne (the original Wasp) and surrogate father Edwin Jarvis are all there by her side!

Yasmine Putri’s Unstoppable Wasp #1 variant cover

Opinions on story and art

This comic is OUTSTANDING. I loved and adored the previous, all-too-short volume of Unstoppable Wasp, and this first issue of this new one equally lives up to Unstoppable Wasp’s legacy of quality! Returning writer Jeremy Whitley delivers dialogue and plotting that continues from the ending of the previous series so smoothly it’s scary! And the new art-team Gurihiru craft such breathtakingly beautiful & fun pages to boot! The art itself has a fluid, very vibrant and animated quality, feeling like a natural successor to previous volume’s Elsa Charretier-drawn art. The action and comedy of the writing are perfectly matched by the art’s visuals. The book itself is very new-reader friendly, taking the time to introduce both the antagonist(s), hero, and her supporting cast very quickly and efficiently. This also serves to re-introduce readers of the previous series to not only Nadia, Jarvis and Janet, but also Nadia’s friends at GIRL. Bringing back GIRL also allowing for highlighting women in STEM sciences to shine, something more comics SHOULD BE DOING! All this is done without dragging the pacing down one bit. Jeremy Whitley’s writing remains incredibly clever & moving, from the wonderfully-silly reintroduction of Nadia via the flying car to Nadia’s continued questioning of how much she really knows about her father, Hank Pym, later in the issue. It all flows so organically you could almost call this comic farm-fresh! As an added note, the return of the “Agents of GIRL” interviews with women in STEM science fields at the back of the comic, a feature I found to be one of the best backup-material segments of any comic I’ve ever read with the previous volume, and that remain true here! Marvel so very rarely revives series cancelled due to low sales, so I’m delighted beyond words that they’ve chosen to do so here, and it’s to the benefit of the whole industry that Marvel (and DC) put out more comics like this one! 

Ben Caldwell’s Unstoppable Wasp #1 variant cover

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
The return of Nadia Van Dyne’s solo-series is just as excellent as the original Unstoppable Wasp comics, jammed-full of wonderful writing, art, and women-in-STEM perfection. If you enjoy fun in your comics, you should most DEFINITELY buy this one!
  • The writing, dialogue and characterization all remain just as top-notch as the previous volume!
  • Gurihiru’s art is a perfect fit for the tone & mood of this series!
  • The return of the “Agents of GIRL” back-up segent
  • The comic is only twenty-four pages long, I NEED MORE!
Art - 10
Writing - 10
Plot - 10
Character Development - 10
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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